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It has been quite a while that online dating has become widely spread in Internet. Its popularity does not diminish, on the contrary, it has been on a steep rise throughout all these years.

lonely lady on a boatThere are quite a few reasons behind the celebrity status of online dating, but today we are not going to dwell on them. Instead, let’s assume that you have already registered a profile on a dating site and consider meeting a woman. Today let’s briefly go through 4 basic rules that you better adhere to in order to have a fulfilling dating experience in the net.

Rule #1 – Safety goes first and foremost.

Don’t go ahead and just post your personal information in the profile, such as your location and the name of the company you are working for. Be sure you are guided by your gut instinct. Disrupt the communication if something seems or feels remotely odd to you.

Psychologist Alan Sterton asserted in his article “Online dating as the second millennium phenomena”, published in the issue #35 of the “Stars&Bars” on November 29, 2013: “Many newcomers to the online dating at first tolerate unusual or strange-sounding emails rather than discourage them. I would advise to stop correspondence with such individuals. The sooner you do it, the better it will be for such an interaction, nobody will dare to make you feel unsafe because of that.”

This is a rather sound point of view – Internet is a public space, it attracts all sorts of personalities, so you will require a certain amount of weeding-out work in order to become a successful dater.

Rule #2. Rules and guidelines work well, but do make exceptions.

We would advise you to avoid dating women who are fond of snapping their own photos while posing with the smartphone in front of a mirror. Our observations show that these are shallow personalities not likely to be worth your attention. However, there can be rare exceptions from this rule, so the advice is – take your own conscious decision and experiment somewhat.

Another excellent example – chances are, you are a fan of Madonna or even Justin Bieber. You find profiles of women with a similar passion in music and think: “Aha, I have found myself a soul mate!” It may work out, but the truth is that most likely you are flat wrong. At this particular stage you know nothing about this person, you haven’t even seen her in real life.

Yet another solid example – the so-called “one-photo women”. There are some ladies who are sort of on the cheating side and prefer to upload their old photos, when they were young and attractive. The next thing that can happen is you may meet a lady and may not even recognize her in this fat and ugly female-resembling individual who has shown up for the date! So, as a rule, do your best at avoiding “one-photo women” after registering your profile on an online dating site, but trust your own feelings and make a room for possible exceptions.

Rule #3. Online dating communication can be rude, use it for your own advantage. Russian woman using binoculars

May be you have already gone through this experience, when someone you are exchanging letters with suddenly disappears. You may have wasted a week or two on this particular woman, and she is suddenly gone. Writing to her and demanding why she did it usually makes no sense. The lady has already demonstrated her indifference, so what do you want now? The question is rude but valid. This is a sad situation to be in indeed, however, there is also the good news. You can resort to this tactic yourself – don’t engage in pointless conversations with a particular lady for many weeks in a row. Attempt to cruise the ship of our courting to the logical moor.

How being results-oriented helps on a dating site

What we mean here is don’t procrastinate with offering something specific. The woman who likes talking to you and who likes your appearance is waiting just for that - for the activity on your part. The lady who is not really interested in you will disappear into the blue, and this way you will save a lot of your valuable time, so it is predominantly a win-win situation for you. 

Besides, you will always be able to ascertain rather quickly whether the lady you are corresponding with is authentic. People like alias and anonymity on the net, but you are not here to play hide and seek with dishonest girls. We recommend offering something specific and getting to the point after 2-3 days of correspondence and/or after 15-20 messages.