Effective online dating on a steep rise in Russia

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On March 21, 2013 we ordered a poll from the Italian company “Erudicus” with one of their offices located in Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation.

Posing Russian womanThree thousand ladies from various cities and towns (and even villages) within Russia were asked some important questions related to online dating. Our main objective, among some secondary ones, was to verify and evaluate two crucial factors: 1) How many Russian women are a part of the global online dating community?; 2) How the number of online dating ladies in Russia has increased since 1999, when our first similar poll was carried out? We also wanted to find out the overall attitude of Russian women to dating and to compare it with what it was (oh, dear) at the end of the previous millennium.

The data and the feedback we received were outright staggering. The number of ladies who prefer online dating to the traditional forms of dating posted a 54% increase! At first we could not believe our own eyes when we received the final report. But after checking all the data again we saw that it was really true. Only the sky was the limit, to our amazement.

What deepened our immense surprise was the revelation that at present 68% of Russian ladies are an intrinsic part of the online dating community. 35% of these ladies expressed a vivid interest in dating foreigners. It means millions of young Slavic women from this country are eager to meet a husband abroad!

There were also some women who had their doubts. Some of them stick to the notion that mostly desperate men would ever consider dating in Internet as a feasible option. This view is becoming more and more rare, because we virtually date in the net even after we meet someone for the first time. Skype, Facebook, other types of electronic socializing are occupying an increasing space in our daily life. This particular site, like not so many other niche platforms, can offer truly remarkable opportunities for romantic online dating without leaving the comfort of your own home.

There were quite many Russian women who actually are too shy to approach anyone in the real world. They are very grateful for this wonderful opportunity to approach the men they like without the permanent fear of being rejected. Another added incentive that has been singled out by quite many ladies is the chance to carry out the initial filtering of candidates. “Dating online has done real wonders in my life, I have met the person who also likes the French singer Mireille Mathieu, it is amazing! I am getting married to Jack in March!” wrote to us the excited Olga from Nizhnevartovsk.


Chemistry in online communication and in real life

Ukrainian dady thinking about her futureOne of the most interesting aspects that has been covered in the research is the difference in the chemistry that occurs between people online and when they meet. It has been noted that there is a mutually exclusive effect.

Sometimes people who believed they were a perfect match while communicating on a dating site discovered that there is no real attraction between them when they met. In other not so rare cases a man and a woman would meet in real life without the real hope that it may lead to something, only to discover the love and passion they never experience before.

Virtually, this is the essence of online dating – many people to interact with who are ready to engage with you in conversation and communication, opportunity to apply a strict filter in order to single out those whom you really want to meet. And, of course, a much wider chance for hitting the jackpot in the form of an attractive and caring wife or a devoted and loving husband.