Simple rules for dating Russian women in Internet

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You have already found a high-quality niche dating site, have registered a carefully compiled profile there and are eager to start dating? Great news, and we are here to help you!

A Russian bride in a hay pileFirst things first, use the search function and look for the Russian women who may attract you. You can send the same content letter to all the ladies you fancy, but it would be advisable to apply a bit of discretion here. Also, you will achieve much better results if you send out custom-made messages, i.e. if you write the first letter taking into account the profile information of the lady you are writing to. Quality is the king in this matter anyway, not quantity. It is advisable not to mention your divorce in your first letter, if you had it. Also it would not be wise to complain about anything, in particular about the women with whom you separated. Otherwise your new acquaintances may end up forming a terribly wrong impression about your personality. Not many Russian or Ukrainian women tolerate the men who show utter disrespect to other ladies. If you are a misogynist (a person who hates all women), it is better that you don’t frequent such sites at A fancily dressed Russian womanall, it can only deepen the raw wound, and it will be of no use to you. If you suddenly realize that some pieces of the puzzle are missing, i.e. there is not enough information in the lady’s profile, ask her the questions your are interested in, in a sincere and respectful way, preferably in the second or even in the third letter, after you establish a rapport with the lady of your choice.

What other subjects to avoid when corresponding with a Russian woman?

Try to avoid talking about sex, even in your subsequent letters, because women usually are very sensitive to this subject, they are not ready to discuss it as freely as men are. Better reserve all such impertinent questions for your meeting in real life. It is not that Russian women don’t like or don’t enjoy sex, they do, and a lot, but they will never be ready to discuss it with the men on an international dating site whom they haven’t even met personally yet. The second reason why this subject should be avoided at all costs in the beginning of the liaison – some men register on dating sites to have fun, to harass and to troll women, without any serious intentions whatsoever. The last thing you want is to be classified as “one of those moronic perverts”. Even if the woman brings it up herself in the correspondence, play out the “I am a shy guy” card. It will always be rewarded in the near future. If you want to find Russian women who will really like you always remain a gentleman.

In general, if you really want a woman to begin to like you, behave like you would behave on a dangerous minefield. Proceed with caution and test the ground with probing questions and tentative remarks. Don’t stress any issue. Avoid talking about politics – it is quite rare that two people share exactly the same political views and/or agendas. Find a neutral topic for the discussion on the basis of the interests she indicated in her profile.