Ukrainian and Russian dating advice, “how to” rules

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Dating has some universal basic rules, whether you are dating IRL or online, in the virgin forests of the Amazon river or on the Pennsylvania avenue.

A Russian bride waiting for her Western groomIt always helps to keep one’s reserve and confidence, to be looking forward to positive results, to be able to trust people and to exercise prudence and discretion at the same time. Ukrainian and Russian online dating are not different in this respect, the same essential rules apply.

Both Russia and Ukraine are rather huge countries, but there are some general rules and some middle-ground advice that can be given insofar as the online dating with Russians and Ukrainians is concerned. Slavic women are overall rather conservative and family-oriented, so dating them can at moments be rather challenging. Here are a few tips that will surely help you overcoming these difficulties and breaking the ice.

  1. Do your best to learn the Russian and the Ukrainian attitude to life. Slavic people put a lot of emphasis on maintaining family values and a significant social engagement. When seeking for a Slavic bride, you have to be willing to show respect to their family aspirations and social involvement plans. If you are looking for a casual fling, Slavic women are probably not your cup of tea, though of course there will surely be some ladies who will be happy to go along these lines with you as well.
  1. Any rule or advice can be bent or neglected, but this one is a real gem worth-while taking heed of – study the Russian and the Ukrainian culture and history to be able not to get lost in a meaningful intellectual conversation. Also, your bride will undoubtedly be thrilled to know that you are learning her native language. You don’t necessarily need to gain full proficiency, but knowing a few catchy phrases will fare you a rather long way on the Slavic courtship road. It will serve you only good – even if you eventually give up on the idea of a Slavic wife, you will still learn something new about a foreign country – always an enriching and fulfilling experience.a Russian bride eager to share
  1. The path to a truly no-nonsense courtship and marriage with a Russian or a Ukrainian lady always lies through her own family. Persevere to be introduced to her closest relatives and learn about them as much as possible – it is the best success recipe available out there. Don’t be shy to express your gratitude for a chance to meet her father or her mother, show respect to all the elderly family members. After all, their impression about you will largely determine your Slavic bride’s decision as to whether she wants to embark on a long-term relationship with you. Delivering little presents as a token of attention is always handy in such bonding situations.
  1. Another good advice and quite a practical rule to follow when it comes to dating Russian or Ukrainian women – be on the frank side, don’t lie and don’t befriend ambiguities. If you don’t want to lie, better don’t say anything at all, Slavic women hate evident lies and will never marry a deceitful swindler. Act naturally and don’t pretend to possess the intellectual or material riches that you don’t really have. Being sincere will open up her heart towards you and will endear her to your advances, it is just as unfailing as the sparks fly upward.
  1. Now there, here is another piece of advice – don’t spoon-feed your dear Slavic bride with promises, especially the big ones. As Billy Joel sang, “The Russian life was very sad, such was life in Leningrad.” Most Russians have a rather pessimistic outlook on their lives and rarely trust the people they hardly know. Besides, most Russian women love planning only what they can really control. To put it in other words, any of your Russian dating promises will be taken as deserving attention only after you get married, thus proving the noble character of your intentions.
  1. Russian and Ukrainian women adore personal attention of all sorts – it can be tender electronic letters with the pictures of cute kittens, love notes, congratulations on all sorts of special occasions such as her B-day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and so forth. Presents play a rather special and unique role in the life of most Slavic women. They simply adore receiving presents, and if it is a present from the person she likes or loves, she will be on the seventh heaven from happiness and gratitude. It can be something small like a box of chocolates, but if you have available funds, it can also be something big and special, likMysterious Russian woman looking for a datee a new car. Russian and Ukrainian women adore driving because it emphasizes their importance in the outside world.
  1. Even if you aren’t a real gentleman, our advice is to become one if you are planning to date Russian or Ukrainian women. Your attentive conduct will always be duly appreciated. Act benevolently and show your bride that she is in good hands. Her needs should always come first when you are on a date – open the doors for her, let her choose the best seats, treat her to some delicious food and enjoy the wonderful results.
  1. Being honest and direct with your Russian or Ukrainian bride is always advisable. Even when having a casual conversation about the weather, tell her what you really think. Occasional flattery can always come in handy, but overdoing it may bring forth distrust and suspicions.


The golden rule – the best advice for dating Slavic women

  1. Whatever matter you bring up in your casual conversations and whatever you do in an attempt to impress your Russian or Ukrainian bride, always remain respectful. Never offend her culture and the history of her country and steer clear of politics – if you don’t, it may leave the scars that will be difficult to heal later on. Slavic women are in many ways the exact opposite of Western women, and in general they tend to be better looking and taking a better care of themselves, but they surely have one thing in common – they will always be drawn to open-minded and honest gentlemen eager to be attentive listeners and successful bread winners.