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Sad but true – when it comes to Russian or Ukrainian dating, there are often a lot of obnoxious scamming activities involved into this process. We have compiled a rather extensive categories list of dating swindlers spinning their cobwebs for their innocent victims out there in Internet.

Just a lady, not a Russian dating scammerPlease read this material with careful diligence in order to avoid falling victim to their tricky ruses and alluring charms.

Scamming dating sites with fake profiles

This is quite a widely spread, explicitly mischievous malpractice. Those are usually well-developed dating sites raking in not-that-small fortunes by cheating their unsuspecting customers. Some such sites may even be run from offices full of swindling personnel. The key elements that should put you on high alert: only stunning, beautiful young women are available on such dating sites (it is not bad to have only beautiful women to talk to and to date, but ask yourself why they don’t have a single not-so-good-looking or not-that-young girl on such a site), these scam sites don’t have a Russian language version (where exactly all these women come from then?), most of these cheating sites begin milking you for money right away, asking to pay for each letter and/or for each minute of online video-communication. The site ownership doesn’t seem to matter much in this respect, the scam can be operated pretty much from any country on the globe, be it Russia, Ukraine, the US or Australia.

It is not a rare occurrence that such scheming dating sites employ a whole stack of translators in order to maximize their ill-gotten gains. But these wicked people are not busy translating love letters. They sit there, full of obnoxious pride, and extort money from unsuspecting foreign men online by impersonating beautiful ladies whose profiles such scamming sites use to entice their dewy-eyed, dupable victims. The ladies whose pics are being used may not even know that this is happening. But sometimes such sites also use real women to arrange “dates” with foreigners – all is done to make them part with their cash. A person comes to a date, has a dinner and a friendly chit-chat with this girl, then he is taken shopping to top-notch, luxurious venues to buy presents for this woman. Then she disappears the next day in the thin air. If our Romeo complains to the site owners, he may be offered a list of similar women and, if he is stupid enough, his trust and his wallet may be processed through the same nefarious routine, once again.

These scammers may also request cash for such things as their communication fees, international phone calls, printing, scanning, translations, visa applications, travel expenses, hospital expenses for their relatives. The rule of the thumb is to avoid sending money to a Russian and Ukrainian woman you haven’t met personally. For all intents and purposes, it may not be a woman at all on the other end there. And even if you meet the woman, have a few dates with her and get really intimate and involved before you part with any serious cash.

Vacation vultures

Usually those are individual ladies prowling for their prey on online dating sites. They adore visiting exotic places and laying their grabbing hands on expensive items, they enjoy partaking of all the niceties of a lavish lifestyle. Of course, they do all that at the expense of their gullible suitors. It is very rare that such women are genuinely interested in marriage, though they may be ambiguous about the issue. Some of these creatures prey on free Russian dating sites, others prefer real life venues.

Vacation vultures are after the travel expenses and luxurious shopping, and they prefer having their personal expenses fully paid for by their suitors. They can be found on any dating site, including the reputable ones, and they are really hard to detect, because their profiles and their sets of personal pictures seem to be in a good shape and are routinely approved by unsuspecting administrators. However, there are certain signs that indicate your lady may be just such a person. They don’t like talking about marriage and are more focused on the purely material world – cars, luxuries, jewelry, houses, you name it. As a rule, they don’t like the idea of setting a date in their home towns, because they adore traveling overseas and would expect you to arrange everything and to cough up cash for the traveling package. Vacation vultures are rather secretive and they rarely disclose a lot of personal details. She may rush from a restaurant to tNo dating scam here, relaxake a personal call. Her passport will contain a lot of stamps from other countries and she will be extremely knowledgeable about foreign resorts, about high-end fashion and even about the luxury segment cars.


Accommodation scammers

These ladies post their real profiles on various dating sites and they are very happy to meet you on their native turf. The trick with them is that they are eager to arrange everything for you, including your accommodation and even your taxi services. But when you begin paying for all this, you will discover that it is an outrageous rip off. When on a date, such a Russian or Ukrainian woman would usually behave in a distant, even aloof manner, she may be even rude to you, especially after you pay your dues to the landlord, the hotel or the taxi driver. Some of them may also combine this “profession” with other rip off schemes, including taking you to expensive restaurants and shops. In this case be also prepared to meet their girlfriends or even relatives, they will want their presents as well. To avoid getting into such cumbersome situations, use common sense and never let a lady arrange things for you, at least until you begin really trusting her. When chatting with a woman on a dating site or in Skype, always ask some personal questions that will help you discern a potential scammer or simply a dishonest individual. Shit happens, but your chances of stepping into it will be really slim if you take all the standard precaution measures and act responsibly.

If you are in such a deplorable situation, always keep a watchful eye on your belongings, especially on your wallet and on your laptop. Concentrate on cutting the losses and placing as many miles between yourself and the scammer as it is humanly possible.

Another good advice – always carry out your own research on the local prices, don’t just trust the first female stranger you meet online. Always double-check the information you are receiving. It has become really easy with the advent of Internet, all the required information can be found now without leaving the comfort of your own dwelling.

Gold diggers

These are professional daters, the women always on the lookout for better and sweater deals. They have no intention to create a family unless they find a very rich client, preferably at least a millionaire. In the interim, they intend to be lovers for those Western men who have money to spend on resorts, clothing, cars, jewelry, etc. But their final objective is always finding a “rich goose” and settling down in a lavish surrounding, without the need to go to work or to worry about the financial side of life, at the expense of their future Western husbands.

It is really easy to discern such dishonest Russian and Ukrainian women. They are very interested in finding out all sorts of details related to your financial status and to your well-being in general. They will grill you, like there is no tomorrow, about your house, your cars, your income. They may disappear for some days in a row without providing a valid explanation. Usually it means they are working on another, maybe more prospective client than you are. If you don’t suit their fancy for some reason, they may become rather vague about getting married. They will attempt to keep you at bay from their computers and their chit-chats on other dating sites with other men.

How to avoid their disgusting attention? Basically, the same rules as above apply. Be selective as to with whom you are communicating online. Avoid sending cash to the women you haven’t met. Offer only inexpensive gifts and don’t throw your cash around in general.

Immigration, green card hawksAre all Russian ladies scammers?

This is probably the most dangerous category of scamming Russian and Ukrainian women. They are clamorous for a lavish life in the West and for the Green Card both for them and for their children. Yes, such women usually have one or two children from previous marriages, and initially they may hide this fact from you, just as many other details from their previous lives. They plan on getting a divorce as soon as they get settled in the West at your expense, and they will want a cut from your bank accounts and your possessions. Sometimes such unscrupulous women stoop as low as sending their former husbands to jail on absolutely fabricated, trumped up charges such as domestic abuse or something of the sort.

At first they behave nicely, but by the end of the day they turn into really mean vultures and gargoyles, especially after the marriage. They may refuse having sexual relationship with you altogether and demand separate living arrangements and individual bank accounts. They may become increasingly unhappy about your income and about your social status if you are unable or unwilling to satisfy, from the financial standpoint, their most crazy and deranged wishes.

How to spot these repulsive women? It may be difficult on occasion, but usually they share one vital flaw, which is their eagerness to please their future victims. If you are suffering from excessive weight and she admires your athletic abilities, for instance, give it a serious thought. Really? Are you that good at sports? You will be able to avoid dealing with such women if you keep being critical to yourself and to others.