Russian culture and manners – what you need to know when dating a Russian bride

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Russian culture has very long and deep roots, it is one of the oldest cultures existing on the planet. What is interesting, many historians believe that Russia as we know it originated from the Kievskaya Rus, the current territory of Ukraine.

a Russian lady waiting for her Western fianceIn the 1st millennium AD Scandinavian Vikings also participated in the formation of this country. Constantinople fell in 1453, and Russia remained the largest Orthodox country in the world, based on the concept of the Third Rome. Over 100 languages are spoken on the territory of this country populated by over 150 ethnic groups.

Today’s Russia is experiencing a lot of Western influence, that’s what makes Russian brides ideal as potential wives. They read a lot, the local literature has bestowed onto the world quite many poets and writers, such as Pushkin, Chekhov, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Higher education in Russia is still free for some disciplines, but it is becoming more difficult to enroll into a free program. Paid tuition is becoming widely spread, which makes it harder for the authorities to control the educational process, and sometimes the quality of education suffers because of this.

The Russian family life since the times of Peter the Great (the beginning of the 18th century) has been based on Domostroy – a special document regulating the duties of family members and assigning the husband as the ultimate and unquestionable authority, with women playing largely a secondary role in all the crucial decision-making. After the Great October revolution in 1917 attempts were made to put an end to this practice, however, it is still alive and widely-spread. Most Russian women would be quite happy to feel themselves “as behind a stone wall” in marriage, especially when it comes to financial matters. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like to take initiative and to build a career, but most Russian ladies would prefer to have a husband who provides for the family, while they take care of the children and make the home a flourishing, cozy place the husband is eager to return to after a hard day’s work. When dating a Russian bride online on our site or somewhere else, always take this into account if you plan to have a sustainable family. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule of thumb, because Russian women are becoming more independent. After the break-up of the Soviet Union this country went through a lot of historical changes, and it left its imprint on the patterns of family life. If you want to find a Russian or a Ukrainian woman who will be the bread-winner for the family or at least independent, there are wide opportunities also offered for this on many dating sites, including ours. If there is a will, there is a way, as the saying goes.a Slavit lady clamorous for a new family life

Russian ladies are usually fond of theaters: opera, ballet, drama and so forth. In Moscow the most famous theater is the Bolshoy Theater, Saint Petersburg is the home to the gracious Mariinsky Theater. You should be ready that your future wife may turn out to be an adamant theater-goer, and inviting her to such a place can be a shrewd move to win her heart. With the advancement of new image-rendering and sound technologies, movie theaters are also gaining the once lost popularity. American and European movies are very popular in Russia, most Russian women know a lot about Western actors. The local movie production industry pales in comparison, offering mostly trivial and boring films.

What is so special about the Russian culture?

Russian culture is largely non-individualistic and relies on the concept of the Russian soul. To win a lady’s heart (and body, hohoho), you first have to learn how to understand and to appreciate her soul. Russians can be rather rude to strangers, they don’t smile often. But once you get to know them, you can count on excesses of hospitality, including from the local females. If you are offered a drink on a special occasion, never refuse it unless you really have a medical condition. Otherwise the host may take offence, with your matrimonial intentions grinding to a sudden halt.

Most Russians are Orthodox Christians, and most have rather nominal knowledge about Christianity, which is limited to going to a church on rare occasions to ask God for favors or to remember those who passed away by lighting a candle or kissing an icon. If you belong to another religion, let it be, your Russian wife will not bother you a lot with her own. That is, as long as you respect and cherish her feelings – the importance of this can hardly be overestimated.