On reputable Russian dating sites

On reputable Russian dating sites

Usually men first try to find their Russian or Ukrainian sweetheart on various social networks, to no avail. It should not come as a surprise, because ladies who hang out on social networks aren’t necessarily looking for a husband abroad. In most cases they are just having a good time with their virtual friends there. But if you make serious advances, they will most likely just laugh at you and will block your account. Such is the reality on free social networks that you have to be aware of. It is a totally different cup of tea on specialized niche sites.

How to select a trustworthy Russian dating site

If you are serious about searching for a bride in Russia or in another former USSR country, you will be much better off by turning to a niche site like ours. However, making a profile on such a site and beginning to send kisses and to write letters to ladies is not enough. Far from it. First of all, you should know a bit more about intricacies of international dating sites in order to choose the right site.

A girl from a Russian dating site

Most likely you don’t know about it, but there are many fake online dating sites related to Russian or to Ukrainian brides out there. In other words, you will think you are corresponding with a lady, but in fact it will be a sophomore student answering all the letters, to make you pay a subscription fee or just stay on the site. What are the telltale signs of a fake or inefficient Russian dating site?

Here are some tips:

  • All the ladies on the site look like beauty contest winners (while it is nice, it doesn’t happen in real life that ALL women on a genuine site are stunners);
  • The site has a repulsive design, bright red or similar, as if someone has just been murdered there on the front page;
  • The site lacks a comprehensive structure and not all of its pages open properly, the thumbnail pictures are distorted;
  • You receive dozens of messages from ladies during the first two-three days after the registration (nobody is saying no one will write to you, but be on high alert if you get a lot of mail, especially even before you placed your picture in the profile).

After you have chosen the dating site that seems about right, it is time to get really busy, it will not be easy to find the right Russian wife there. I am saying that because a regular lady gets a lot of attention from the guys. So, don’t write or show attention to just one lady, write to as many as possible. Of course, it should not be a conveyor, get in touch only with those whom you really liked.