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Many Western men look forward to meeting Russian ladies and dating them, first online then, if they hit the jackpot and arrange a meeting, in real life. Nowadays there is a whole array of specialized, niche dating sites that offer unique opportunities to meet gorgeous Russian females online.

There are two major strategies for dating Russian females, both have their distinct advantages and considerable disadvantages. The first strategy is about dating only one Russian woman who has agreed to meet with you, only one at a time. It will allow you to fully concentrate only on this particular lady, thus your precious emotions, your valuable time and your relatively limited finances will sustain a minimum damage, eRussian bride on the lookout for groomsven if there is going to be one. If you devote your heart to only one woman, you will increase your chances of marrying this woman. There are certain drawbacks inherent in this approach, and one of the most painful problems is you will have to start from scratch if this particular lady refuses to fall under your seemingly irresistible charms.

The second solid approach involves dating several women at the same time. It is definitely a more practical, down to earth behavior pattern that will enable you to keep meeting different Russian females who are looking for a reliable partner abroad. If you take on this particular approach, you will certainly be able to hone and to perfect your dating skills. Even if you fail miserably with one particular woman, you will always be able to analyze your possible mistakes and even blunders in order to avoid them with another Russian female whom you will be dating.

Such a pro-active approach will turn you into a true connoisseur of female hearts and minds. Gradually your dating skills will be as sharp as a razor, and when you finally meet the lady of your dreams who suits you ideally in all imaginable aspects, you will be able to assume your ultimate dating form in a jiffy. Women by nature are attracted to strong, potent men who exude self-confidence. The driver of this world is cutting-edge competition, and the world of dating Russian brides is not an exception to this widely spread rule.  

It may well happen that you meet your Russian female on an international dating site like, and then there will be a lot of distance between you two if you live in, say, the US and her residence is a remote Russian city. The good news regarding this is that today, in the world of global communications, covering this distance is not a big deal at all. She can jump on board of a plane and can join you in the matter of a few hours. You can also take a short vacation and visit your sweetheart.

If you are socializing with Russian (Ukrainian, Moldovan, Belarusian) females on an online dating site or are dating them IRL, you should, by all means, be extremely respectful towards these ladies. Pay sincere attention to their opinions, decisions, wishes. Even if a Russian soulmate you have been mingling with has decided to abandon your relationship, allow her to step out from it freely, she is not obliged to stick to you forever, especially if you two haven’t gotten married yet.

Healthy trust goes a long way in any romantic relationship, irrespective of nationalities. Russian females enjoy flirting with men, but they also cherish a relationship full of mutual trust. You cannot win the heart of a Russian woman without letting her relatively freely express herself in this life.

Trust should lie at the foundation of any healthy relationship. It is bound to solidify the everlasting bonds between your gorgeous Russian bride and you. It definitely requires a lot of working and emotional toiling, it also needs an unparalleled commitment. Treating your soul mate with honesty all the time is essential, it is the key to your future success.

Your Russian soulmate may have some flaws you haven’t discovered during your first dates. Actually, every person has some unattractive traits of character, and a woman is not an exception. Concentrate on what is really attractive in her personality and disregard the deficiencies. It doesn’t mean that you should not face them and deal with them, but even if you do, do it in a loving, forgiving manner. Your soulmate is never going to trust you if you ridicule her negative traits in public, so be very discreet and cautious about it.

How to find a perfect Russian soulmate? To know this in detail, you need to know the history of Russian females.


Russian women – a historical overview

It is true that the Russian females of 18th century were sort of more lucky than the European women, and in quite many ways, though there were some pronounced difficulties. There are a few points that are worthwhile covering.

  1. There were many distinct legal and social changes that had a certain effect on the Russian women. Peter the Great (ruled in 1682-1725) went as far as altering the seemingly unwavering Orthodox traditions that had been observed in Russia since the demise of the Byzantine Empire.
  2. The process of Westernization occurred throughout the entire Russian society, it was especially effective in large cities. The women from lower classes saw the results of the reforms after some years, but the Russian females who were a part of the nobility felt them almost immediately. Their abilities were broadened immensely, so much so that the whole Russian empire soon afterwards ended up in the female hands for over seventy years!
  3. At the same time, “Domostroy” was introduced and firmly enforced within families – in this respect it can be said that the Russian ladies who belonged to low classes obtained more rights, but they also received more strict resppositive Russian femaleonsibilities, being fully in charge of the children and of keeping the household in order.

During the Soviet Union times women were proclaimed fully equal to men, some of them were even sent to space (Valentina Tereshkova). However, by and large, it even worsened their situation, because many Russian women were employed at hard menial jobs during this horrifying era. Besides the obligation of raising children, it gave them quite a handful to do, literally.

In the post-Soviet times the position of Russian females also remained quite problematic. In most cases the proclaimed measures of their nominal protection failed drastically and didn’t fully address their existing hardships. In the nineties the economic pressure on women increased exponentially, many had to seek employment, raising children was becoming more difficult than ever before. To complicate the matters, the jobs market didn’t offer many choices in the form of employment. It resulted in the declining birthrate and the overall undermining of family values.

Along with that, multiple feminist groups launched strong campaigns aimed at protecting the rights of the Russian females and their orientation at traditional family values and their firm focus on raising kids.

The situation of Russian women somewhat improved after the year 2000, for the only reason that the global oil prices grew very high, up from 10 to 140 dollars per barrel in some cases. The Russian budget was (and still is) 40% dependent on oil revenues, and it helped the government expand certain programs targeting women, such as the child capital (approximately 10 thousand dollars) for the second born child.

However, due to the widely spread corruption and rampant inefficiency these programs have mostly failed to address the problematic issues and certainly didn’t improve the overall dire situation of the Russian women, who strive to find their love and future for their children in Western countries as never before.