Striking it big with Russian girls

Striking it big with Russian girls

There are many various ways how you can strike it big with Russian women. However, never try to impress them openly. It should come very naturally, otherwise they may think what you are doing is fake. Subtlety here is the king. Russian girls tend to like timid men, much more so than the Western women. It means for them that such a man will not be chasing other women and will devote all his energy to his own family, to his wife and to his children. You can deeply offend a Russian or Ukrainian woman if you offer her money as a present. The present itself can be expensive, but never try to offer money to a decent Russian or Ukrainian woman - she will not like it and will even take offence. If you decide to give her a present, it would be a great idea to go shopping with her together. She can choose a dress or a skirt she likes herself.

An impressed Russian girlProbably the best way to impress a Russian woman is to abandon the attempts at impressing her altogether!
It sounds a bit confusing, but let’s give it some thought. Just imagine you are a nice-lookng lady. Most likely, you have many suitors at your knees trying to impress you. In this situation, a lady can afford to be picky and choosy. Usually those suitors who try it the hardest end up being jilted the first. The famous Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, said once: “The less we love a woman, the more she is attracted to us”. Now there, this statement is rather controversial, but there is also a ring of truth to it. Who will like a suitor trying to anticipate your every slightest desire? Such a man can become a pest, and the woman will just hate him and his gifts by the end of the day. Some resources put a really funny twist on Russian dating that is really hilarious. 

Russian girl looking for a Western soul mate

Of course, when you search for a Russian bride on a dating site, you can meet all kinds of women. Some of them may be scammers, yet another reason for you to be cautious about expensive gifts. The best way to proceed is to be truthful to yourself and your own instincts. Never even think about showing off. If you do, you will be admired only by scammers, the real gems will slip right through your fingers.

Another good advice is – never overdo praising a Russian girl whom you like. As we have mentioned, a young and beautiful lady gets a lot of praise from other men on any international dating site where she has a profile. Try to go about it in the most sophisticate way possible, and you will reap rich rewards for this. Try to compliment her inner world, her knowledge of certain subjects, her stamina. She will appreciate it much more than your fascination with her long legs or tight breasts, if you know what we mean here. However, you can complement on her haircut, her choice of nail polish, etc. – all sorts of subtle details. Such details are overlooked by men quite often, but they are of crucial importance for women.

Here is a little list of phrases you can shower the object of your attention with:

  • Darling, your hair shines like rays of suns on a bright morning today!
  • Dear, what’s the brand of this nail polish you are using? It looks great, I want to recommend it to my sister.
  • You look just gorgeous today! I really like the design of your blouse, it makes you so stylish!
  • Dear, what do you think about those new shoes I have bought today? Your opinion is important for me.

Another perfect way not just to impress a Russian girl, but to strike at the bull’s eye is to learn Russian. It will be your cutting-edge advantage before other men, because not many bother to go any farther than just a few colloquial phrases like “privet” and “poka”. Grasp this opportunity and use it to the fullest. As one wise man said, we live so many lives as many languages we know.