Russian women as mail order brides

Russian women as mail order brides

In Russia the demographic situation is such that the number of women of marital age exceeds that of the number of men who want to get married, by a large margin. And the number of single women is on a rise, due to various factors. It opens new opportunities for the Western men who seek for a Russian wife. Moreover, Russian women prefer older men, which in itself offers a whole new scope for a careful exploration. Russian women primarily look for security and stability and, of course, lover. Yes, they want to be loved with all their heart, they crave for love more than for anything else. Western men are often portrayed in Russia as rather romantic, especially the French and the Italians, and it helps a lot in our pursuit of Russian brides. If you win her heart, she will make you happy forever.

Russian mail order brideRussia is located at the crossroads of the Western and the Eastern culture. It makes Russian women ideal for adapting rather fast to the Western way of life. They have a knack for learning foreign languages, so their assimilation happens easily and almost seamlessly. There are many activities related to Russian brides going on in the RF, even dating schools are being opened.

There are quite many Russian mail order brides sites which are either fake or of low quality. The former is easily recognized by the omnipresent beauties without a hint for even a single average-looking woman. The latter is characterized by a tacky and tasteless design screaming right at your face with a melee of bright red colors, distorted images and user-unfriendly interface. We take our pride in having been able to avoid all these problems and establishing a top-notch, modern dating site with various useful features, which include, among others:

  • Email messages;
  • Kisses;
  • Presents;
  • Online chat
  • Comments to pictures
  • Up-to-date encryption of the transferred data for 100% privacy of communication.

Russian woman on a dating site

Divorce rates in international couples are very rare. It is so probably because such couples are formed after a lot of analysis based on a serious approach to the married life. However, the common Western misconception that Russian women will tolerate anything as long as they are taken abroad is a flawed one. It is simply not true. They are family-oriented and tender, and they want to be with a man who can respect their feminine individuality.

Dating tips

There are many dating tips related to Russian brides, and the rule of the thumb is to treat your woman like you would like to be treated yourself. Mistreatment or abused should be absolutely excluded from the picture.

You should be very attentive to you Russian mail order bride. For example, in Russia they have a very big holiday on the 8th of March called Women’s Day. It is somewhat similar to the Western Valentine’s Day, but there are also distinct differences. Actually, this holiday has a Communist origin in its basis. Don’t forget to congratulate your bride you found on one of Russian dating sites. It is still an extremely important day for any Russian woman, almost as important as the B-Day. Do your best not to forget about this special day. Prepare flowers, preferably roses, for this occasion for her. Avoid carnations, they are used for celebrating the Victory Day on May 9ths. Be very attentive to her needs, and it will pay back like a charm.