Russian personals: the road after marriage – helpful tips and family life advice

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Communicating with your wife

Conflicts in a family often occur due to some rather mundane misunderstandings. Don’t rush to make unfounded assumptions, always search for clarifications.

Russian personals profile picTry the “I am hearing you. Do you mean this?” approach. Remember how you acted when you just embarked on the Russian personals route – with respect and with patience.

You want to talk to your dear second half, but she is busy ironing your clothes in another room? Shouting with the force of your both lungs would be a very bad marriage tip. Instead, get up, do some walking and tenderly talk to your wife about what is bothering you or maybe about what you want her to do. This way you may deserve a quick but extremely refreshing kiss on the cheek and an amenable disposition of your lady.

You can always do better at timing touchy discussions with your spouse. A good piece of family advice here would be to allocate a jar for special strips of paper on which you can write down the topics you would like to discuss with your wife. It will allow you to have a concentrated, distraction-free discussion when the time will be ripe for it. And don’t even think about giving up and going back to Russian personals dating sites for another go at it.

Consider this very carefully – when are you more sweet and considerate, when you are with your spouse or when you are at work, talking to your colleagues or associates? Do everything possible to talk with more respect and candor to your wife than to your coworkers.

Another excellent marriage tip – use the assistance of science, namely of psychology, when communicating with your wife. For instance, gently squeeze her hand in appreciation when she is talking to you. Lean forward a bit when listening to her – this will tell her you are receptive to her inputs, ideas and messages she is trying to get across.

Never tune out when communicating with your spouse, listen more and talk less. It is a golden rule of married life, every seasoned husband knows as much. Also, think twice before you say anything. Women are easily offended with the wrong words, don’t let your wife succumb to a bad mood because of what you tell her.

Tips as to how manage and to resolve conflicts in marriage after your success on a Russian personals dating site

Do you feel it is difficult for you to reconcile with your wife after a particularly bitter argument? Before adjourning to bed, try a placating statement like the following: “It is actually so great I have you to disagree with! It would be so boring without you, and guess what? Let me mull over what you said, you may have a valid point here.”

Behaving like an ally instead like an enemy is a great advice to all married folks who have gone through the Russian personals route and found a great Russian spouse. Even if you have a particularly nasty argument, it is always much better to adopt the behavior of an ally who is trying to understand another person’s point of view. After all, it is highly unlikely that your wife aims at turning your life into an unbearable, miserable nightmare.

Marital harmony and well-being can be achieved only through a thorough understanding how your wife behaves when she is irritated by something or is simply in the wrong, mischievous groove. Watch out for her behavior pattern clues, note if they repeat themselves during the next scandal, find the best ways how to respond to each particular outburst. Each and every case is unique in every married couple, so here tips and advice can only be generic. However, armed with this knowledge, don’t miss the opportunity to get to know your wife better and to apply this knowledge in similar situations. Always know how to refocus from despair or anger to confidence and hope-filled, tender love.

Do your best to fully assess and understand the needs of your spouse. They may as well be very different from your own, and even if they are similar, different approach may be needed in order to satisfy these needs. Allow her to have some free time of her own during which she can meditate on her possible mistakes and failures. Encourage and reward her when she meets your matrimonial expectations.

Look forward to a jokes-infused, fun-filled marriage. It is not difficult at all. A laugh a day keeps the doctor away, as they say over yonder in Alabama.Russian personals

A hearty laugh always helps in marriage, especially if your wife understands and shares your sense of humor. A sincere, healthy chuckle without any fictitious undertones and full of flirtatious melody will ensure your marriage is a continuous, uninterrupted success. It is a marriage tip that can come really handy.


Other important marriage tips after your successful dating on a Russian personals dating arena

Your Russian personals dating efforts have borne their fruit and you are successfully married? Your wife should not be competing for your precious attention with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Cut down to the chase but cut off any such irritating competition – your wife should always be the winner! Turn off all your gadgets when you are with your wife and devote all your attention to her alone. You will find the moments of spiritual and corporal intimacy with your beloved wife far more appealing and entertaining than any dubious pleasure from any device you happen to possess.

Don’t let ornery rains or snowfalls get in the ways of your weekend plans. Even gusty wind and gushing, lightning-laced rain can become a romantic backdrop for your weekend family retreat. You may bring some candles to create a truly romantic atmosphere at the date that may pass as ordinary otherwise. It is an awesome marriage tip both for the newly wed and seasoned couples. 

Another great idea would be recreating your first meeting, the date when you kissed or embraced for the first time and so forth. You may go to the restaurant where you had your first meal together, or you may watch the film you both went to. It is a formidable marriage advice – to keep revisiting the brightest moments of your life together and to keep reminiscing upon them.

Photobonding is also a fantastic idea. Sometimes an image speaks much better than words. Capture the most entertaining moments of your life and then share them with your spouse. It can be mostly anything – your colleagues celebrating a B-day at work, a riveting street sign, the picture of your cute dog.

September is a great month for all beneficial beginnings. The kids start another school year and you may have something special in your marriage, something like attending a course together with your wife. You can learn another language, cooking foods with fantastic flavors, dancing, creative writing. First of all, you will obtain some new skills that will help you in everyday life or will expand your educational horizons. Secoa great cat-like lady on a Russian personals sitendly, it will help developing a new level of interaction with your wife, thus enriching your family life.

If you have any small rituals or traditions, like kissing each other on the cheek and/or saying “I love you” before going to work, practice these rituals regularly, remember how well you could do it when you just started your search out there in the ocean of Russian personals. Always be on the lookout for some new traditions that can strengthen your bonds and be fun in general.

Board and online games are a great pastime, for adults as well. The drawback of family life, when the baby arrives, is that you don’t have a lot of free time to spend together, let alone to play board or online games. There is a solution to this little issue however. All you need to do is to find the games that take 40-60 minutes and you can indulge in this little pleasure even if you have a little toddler on your hands – he needs to sleep too, and more often than you do.

You can surprise your wife being a great chef. Prepare a menu of your own and treat your dear wife to some delicious and rare dishes, spoil her a bit. Don’t let her help you in the process and even wash the dishes yourself. In general, role play is a tremendous family life booster, and not only at the nocturnal moments of deepest intimacy.