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We all know that Google, undoubtedly, is the best search engine out there, with its cutting-edge technologies and Matt Cutts perfecting the search algorithms and getting ahead of his not-so-clever competitors still stuck to the previous millennium, outdated SEO.  

enigmatic Russian singleWe rely on Google’s search relevance like we rely on our most cherished relatives. So, if you ever bother to Google “Russian women” and “Western women”, you will be up to a big surprise. Let’s examine the first three current results as of February 4, 2014.

We get the following for the keywords combination “Western women”:

  1. Women’s Western golf association
  2. Coalition for Western Women’s Liberty
  3. Western women’s rights

Now, let’s turn to the keywords combination “Russian women”:

  1. Four ways to meet Russian women
  2. Meet single Russian women
  3. Russian women personals


Western women profile

These references to Western women are rather humorless and wholesomely gruesome. We mentally travel to the Washington University library, where dozens of young ladies in baggy outfits and oversized jeans sweat over the works of our Founding Fathers and over Nietzsche philosophy. They profess a never-failing interest in women’s fight for their rights and equality with men. Promotion of feminism is not an alien concept to many of them, in fact, most of them hold it dear to their heart. They regard it as the only truth out there. In the grey backpacks of these women you will find textbooks on sexual harassment that they study before going the bed and early in the morning.

Deep inside they are swashbuckling revolutionaries eager to deal away with patriarchy and to institute a new social order. Full of male-female equality and fraternity. Russian revolutionaries back in 1917 infused intercourse with class consciousness, but these modern Western women have gone even farther in their outreach – they believe sex equates gender equality. They go with this notion to bed every day and they wake up thinking about it.

This all seems to be rather well-grounded and even deserving respect from the less fair sex like us men, until the issue of dating and romance zooms in, entering into a direct conflict with this otherwise laudable worldview. Indeed, the invisible physical laws of the past, circling through our blood and veins in the form of vibrant genes, dictate that a man should be chivalrous, strong and brave in romance, while a submissive role is reserved by nature to a woman, who is supposed to be gentle and emotional, to the point of being mysterious.

Most single Western women give up on the notion, totally unable to maintain this role, let alone to live in it. As a result, some ladies denounce romance altogether, while others resort to its radical form, sometimes even taking the initiative. The whole game of seduction rolls downhill and grinds to a halt right there, unable to move any further. Something that could have been easy and enjoyable causes unbearable chagrin and deep trauma.

Then sublimation kicks in and Western women resort to building their lives in a completely artificial manner, throwing the gauntlet to the Mother Nature in person. Their future life with a man in a so-called Western family is lived by the book and in the spirit of feminism, but the precious pleasure and joie de vivre are lost in this vortex forever.

This is the root cause of many divorces and unhappily lived matrimonial lives in the West. Many men feel it on the subconscious level, preferring to remain single instead of going through the motion of this painstaking ordeal. Some of them timidly take a peek at other available options in the East. Their lips, not yet beaten to a bloody pulp of WesteSingle Russian ladyrn marriage, murmur in unison: “Russia… Ukraine…Belarus…Moldova”.


Russian women

Young Russian women, on the contrary, present to many Western men an unbeatable appeal full of romanticism. Their pulchritude is beyond legendary since their companion is often malnutrition instead of a hamburger, in a country where opportunities for women career-wise are still largely questionable. Welcome to Russia, the land of oligarchs, vodka, borsch and babushkas! And, of course, stunning women, sorry, have forgotten to mention them once again.

Moscow and Saint Petersburg are Russia’s Beverly Hills and Monte-Carlo. Life is rather multi-faceted in the capital – its night clubs are full of splendor and they exude eroticism, but the level of life as such still remains rather low, and there is not much you can expect the local women to show you beyond the glitzy veneer of cheap make-up and transparent dresses.

The market economy, unleashed doggy-style onto Russia by Milton Friedman and his free market apologists, including the domestic ones, has caused an unprecedented rise in barbaric consumerism. Dreams about prolific consumption with a tight budget rarely, if ever, contribute to a healthy and long-lasting family life. Sex and the City lifestyle in Russia lacks one fundamental part – the financial security, and it is a gargantuan drawback for the single Russian women fighting a losing battle on this front. That is, when being alone.

Russian men honestly try to do their best to catch up with the growing demands of their women, but they are often defeated by the local system of economic checks and balances – only a few people are allowed to be rich in a largely olligopolic context here. As a result, many Russian men take it to the bottle, with the traditional Slavic dedication and perspicacity. Many see an early death in this unequal battle with the liquid spirits, many lose even their peanuts-paying jobs.

A huge pool of young, attractive but lonely Russian brides is formed in Russia on a daily basis. Some of them are with children, others are still dreaming about conception and propagation. Many of them begin eyeballing Western men as a feasible nuptial option. Learning foreign languages, especially English, is posting a steep rise in the modern, post-Soviet Russia clamorous for love, sex and products.


The source of chemistry between Western men and single Russian women

 Russian singles

Russian women possess what most their Western counterparts lack completely – this primordial, almost animal instinct understanding of men’s desires and cravings, combined with the authentic, but practical romanticism. It produces an astounding result – even a Russian prostitute may all of a sudden become your best soul mate, her hand with the money will not tremble while she is genuinely involved in a tender post-coital conversation with you.

This same attitude may push a regular Russian woman to ask you for a pair of new shoes in the winter on your third date. You are her man, so you should provide, and it is a natural instinct. Russian women may agree with the postulates of feminism and even apply them for their advantage career-wise, but they throw it outside the window with utter disgust when it comes to family life.

Russian women make probably the most dedicated mothers on earth because of the same patriarchal reason. They are like lionesses in the wild, untethered in bed at night and caring during the day. They know what the men want, and they give it to them. For a prize. Back in the ancient times the prize was a butchered dinosaur, today it may be a share in the consumerism whirlpool we are all a part of.