Why choose a Russian wife as your life partner?

Why choose a Russian wife as your life partner?


Russian women don’t just possess a natural beauty, they are very interested in preserving it for a long time. Their feminine charm is important to them when they turn fifty as much as when they are in their twenties. They have a true passion for excelling in how they look. Many Russian ladies are so beautiful that they don’t even need to apply make-up. What is more, each one of them has a fashionable wardrobe to conquer this wild world with. They truly follow the saying "Be a lion, not a zebra, it is a wild world out there!". 

A Russian wifeIt would not be an understatement to claim that Russian girls can be indomitable tigresses in bed and very shy in public. It can be regarded as their special trademark. And they are for sure very caring and devoted mothers, because they cherish and respect traditional values and a strong family. In fact, their family life and their husband have a priority over everything else. Usually they get married earlier than their Western counterparts, before they are 30. However, Western traditions are becoming very popular in the modern Russia, so quite a lot depends in each particular case.

There are a lot of pleasant surprises waiting for you on an Eastern European online dating site. One of them is, regardless what the general trend is, you can always find a lady that suits you personally. Who knows, you may be a man who is more comfortable with your young wife working. In this case you are also up to a pleasant surprise, because there is quite a number of young Russian women who share this attitude. Of course you can meet your love in any Russian city, but we would strongly recommend to consider this country as a whole. Don’t target just the capitals, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, your soul mate may as well reside in Vladivostok.

Possible differences

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Your future Russian wife will differ a lot from Western women, you have to be ready to embrace that. When on a Russian dating site, try not to be very pushy with the lady whom you like. Those women like shy, modest, yet persistent characters. Most of them believe that the family hearth goes before everything else, so they are not career-oriented. It can be a factor of stability and predictable cohesion in a family. They expect the man to take the dominating role in the family. In other words, prepare to be a tiger in your family life with a Russian woman, not a zebra. They are not just beautiful in their looks, they also have a certain oriental inward beauty.

Actually even the idea of equal rights rubs against the essence of a Russian woman. She just wants to be adored and loved, and she is sure to return it in abundance. However, the man should be the bread winner, the hunter who goes and kills the mammoth to feed the family.