Lonely Saint Petersburg women in the former Leningrad – where to find them for a date?

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The story of acquaintance with your second half is remembered for life. These stories of love during Saint Petersburg White Nights are usually quite nostalgic and are told to the children later on, they become almost a relic. Especially for those who are single and complain that "there is nowhere to meet” women in Saint Petersburg, here is a comprehensible review of places where the most crucial, exciting dates with Russian ladies can happen to you.

Cafes, bars, night clubs frequented by Saint Pete women

No matter how negatively some short-sighted people think about these "evil institutions," nightclubs and bars today remain almost the only right place to meet for a date. Relaxed music, a light dose of alcohol liberate even the most quiet and shy person. In general, the open atmosphere rocks. But is it realistic to meet a decent Saint Petersburg girl in a club? Well, if you don't depend and thrive on pernicious stereotypes. After all, ordinary people go to nightclubs too – they study at universities, work in offices, walk dogs in the morning, frequent museums and theaters. Any trip to Saint Petersurg women on a datethe club can be turned into an intimately perfect evening. For one of my friends an acquaintance at the club has grown into a long and strong union, which continues to this day, the family has two beautiful babies.

As an option for a fateful meeting with a lonely lady in Saint Petersburg, you can consider flirty parties, which in a short time gained exorbitantly crazy popularity and even became a business. The so-called speed dating is a meeting format during which representatives of the opposite gender get acquainted with each other in a romantic, sincere and polite atmosphere. Communication with every person lasts only three minutes, during which you can learn about each other's interests and aspirations in life. These parties help you to easily and simply find a charming girlfriend, because the Russian ladies who come there obviously want to meet and are acutely tuned to communication.

Quick acquaintances with Saint Pete girls are a way to go for the brave and confident. You definitely won't leave without a nice horny lady. You want to test yourself? Can you charm and simultaneously understand a person in five to seven minutes? Then sign up for the speed dates from Flirt-parties, which take place at Rossi's nightclub, Rossi's bar and Diamond club.

Let’s quickly dwell on the best night clubs of the Northern Venice of Russia.


In this place, guests can plunge into the atmosphere of rampant fun, taste delicious American and European cuisine and excellent alcoholic drinks. Eminent DJs of the northern capital perform here, representing the public popular hits in unusual processing and their author's compositions. In this nightclub there is always a feeling of drive, which is significantly ramped up on weekends. In Belgrad, in addition to the spacious dance floor, guests are offered board games, hookah and a pleasant friendly atmosphere in which you can relax and meet gorgeous Saint Petersburg women.

The dishes served here are mainly American. Therefore, those who want to pamper their palate can try branded hamburgers and other specific dishes. In the bar map there is something to surprise even the most capricious and demanding customers. There you can find a huge selection of cocktails for every taste. These are both classic ones and prepared according to author's recipes. There is also a large range of beer and strong alcoholic beverages. Feedback from visitors speaks volumes about the special, almost intimate atmosphere of the institution. Therefore, the Belgrad nightclub is appreciated by the lovers of nightlife in the northern capital.


This smashing venue is one of the oldest nightclubs in the Northern Palmira. The place is distinguished by a special atmosphere, which is dearly appreciated by lovers of nightlife. In the nightclub Griboedov you can have a great time and dance from dusk till dawn. Thanks to full cuisine, you can eat delicious dishes here. In the basement of the building, which is called a bunker, there main entertainment events are held. Also, in the reviews of club guests, the Amsterdam Bar is repeatedly mentioned. It is a semi-open veranda, where in the warm season you can enjoy silence, complete and almost sober relaxation from the noisy dance floor, and breathe some rejuvenating fresh air while chatting up cute nubile Saint Pete girls who are doing the same.

Griboedov Club has been working for more than 20 years. During this time it became a kind of underground center for night rest and formidable dance culture of the northern capital. There are regular guests who appreciate this place for its fun, friendly atmosphere, excellent service and unusually decorated interior. The entrance to this dancing and dating arena is free, with the exception of evenings when various concerts are held inside. At the same time, you need to book a table in advance, since there are a lot of people who want to get to this alluringly robust place frequented by so many attractive Saint Petersburg ladies.

3. MOD

This nightclub differs from other establishments by the most modern sound equipment. The club's excellent acoustic facilities attract here primarily the demanding connoisseurs of high-quality sound. Therefore, this fantastic venue is among the most popular in St. Petersburg. In addition to the club's premises, there is an open terrace where parties are also held in the summer and the Russian women get the maximum pleasure. The institution constantly has two wardrobes. Therefore, the unpleasant crush at the entrance is not an option. Customers have long noticed this nuance in their thank you reviews. Customers also praise the excellent quality of alcohol and fabulously delicious snacks.


This is an astounding combination of two nightclubs. One venue is located at Lomonosov 1 and the second venue is located at Liteiny Prospekt 57. Recently, the club celebrated its decade of public service in a new five-story building. Many visitors like this place with its concise design and well-thought-out areas. On the first and second floor visitors can sit in a bar with a variety of drinks and gourmet snacks. For those Saint Pete women who want to dance, the road leads to the third floor, where the spacious dance floor is located. Lovers of live music and delicious food can move to the floor above. There is a restaurant where guests will be greeted by polite, eager to please waiters. In the night bar of NEBAR it is possible to hold a cheerful bachelor party, a bridal shower, an office party and other types of events. There are regular promotions with handsome discounts on such reservations.


This venue is also one of the most popular nightclubs among the local women. The audience here is going to be diverse, but, thanks to the efforts of face control, dubious personalities cannot infiltrate inside. Therefore, nothing breaks the friendly pleasant atmosphere in this smashing kingdom of relaxation in Saint Petersburg. The first floor of the building is given to a rather loud karaoke. A professional presenter works there and a great acoustic system is worth it. At the same time, club guests are not required to pay for the performance of their favorite compositions. On the second floor there is a spacious, professional dance floor on which the public lights up every weekend. On weekdays you can watch a concert of talented performers and DJs. The third floor is occupied by a platform for lithe dancers.

Is it possible to meet Saint Pete women in libraries?

Acquaintance with a lonely woman in a Saint Petersburg library has already become a classic of the genre. As the adventurous heroine of the film "Moscow does not believe in tears" Lyudmila claimed, it is exactly there that you can lay your searching eyes on a promising groom. The story of Olga N. is of the same tune – she met her future husband from France just in the library: "I wasA woman in a Saint Pete cafe waiting for her fateful date while sipping coffee preparing for coursework and was reviewing the archives of old newspapers. They were fastened in packs of huge format. And now I drag these loads of the material and suddenly I hear a truly Homeric laughter. A weird guy laughed at me, right to tears. Then he snatched these heavy newspapers from me and helped to bring them to the librarian. The guy admitted that this situation made him laugh: such a little, fragile girl with a professorial appearance carried a huge dusty pack of newspapers, from the heap of which she was not even visible. That guy turned out to be a PhD graduate from Paris. A friendly acquaintance ensued, then we fell in love with each other. Now we are raising three children. I would have never thought that a fateful meeting would happen to me in a library!”

Fitness clubs – yet another arena for chatting up local girls

Fitness clubs, ice centers, sports grounds with the rental of bicycles, rollers, skis – a storehouse of energetic Saint Petersburg women who lead an active lifestyle and maintain their health. In addition, it is in the gym where men can demonstrate their strength and their indomitable stamina, and girls can unobtrusively ask for their help and kind assistance. Even the most innocent question: "How long have you been going here?" may be the promising beginning of an interesting acquaintance.

Shops and even hospitals are a great dating alternative in Saint Pete

The most important meeting with a Saint Pete lady can happen in the supermarket. It is better to avoid departments with alcohol and baby food, but you can walk around the men's department. If you are approached for help to choose some kind of product, do not rush to refuse: perhaps they view you as a potential dating candidate. Oddly enough, many of wonderful acquaintances happen in Russian stores stores.

Medical institutions of Saint Petersburg, it would seem, do not offer romantic acquaintances with nubile Russian girls: absurd attempts to impose the communication on a person who writhes, for example, from toothache would seem highly inappropriate. However, fateful meetings are possible in the hospital. The women who come here need sympathy, help and even pity. A German man met his love at the local hospital. And it was like this: she curled her hair with a raft and accidentally touched her eye with the hot apparatus. Burn, pain, tears. She rushed to the ophthalmologist, sat in line for a long time and cried bitterly. The German man was a gentleman enough to offer this Saint Petersburg woman his handkerchief.

Look for Saint Petersburg women in the public transportation

Trains, buses, airplanes are also classics of the genre. Remember, business lady Katerina, the heroine of Vera Alentova from the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears," met her love Gosha in a bustling electric train. But then all the women of the Soviet Union dreamed of such a Gosha. This is where you can travel through the night with a random fellow traveler and open a soul mate in her. Such a romantic way to meet gorgeous Saint Petersburg women!


Romantic mood reigns at airports too. Have you noticed how many beautiful, needle-clad men and women who drink coffee, listen to music, flick magazines while waiting for a flight there are at airports? A fleeting look, a mysterious smile – one only needs to find a proper reason to talk to each other.


A brief look into the history of Saint Petersburg

We will never stop claiming it – you need to know the local history to improve your chances for dating the local women.

On May 15, 1703, on the little Hare Island at the mouth of the large Neva, Peter the Great lays a wide fortress, which will become the heart of the future city, designed to become a "window to Europe" for Russia. In 1712 the capital from Moscow was transferred to St. Petersburg and remained there for two centuries. You need to remember that St. Petersburg got its name in honor of the Holy Apostle Peter, and not in honor of the name of the reformer tsar himself.

A lovely Saint Petersburg girl dating a foreignerIn the city the construction of stone buildings developed at a rapid pace. In 1715 Peter even imposed a ban on stone construction throughout the rest of Russia, and each person entering the city was subject to a proverbial "stone tax" – it was necessary to bring a certain amount of stones with him or pay a fee. After Russia entered the 1st World War at the initiative of Tsar Nicholas the First, St. Petersburg was renamed to the more "Russian" Petrograd, whose women showed their bravery during the war.

The abolition of serfdom in 1861 caused an influx of peasants who sought to earn money in the city, which led to a rapid increase in its size. Partly due to this, by the end of the nineteenth century, Saint Petersburg became one of the largest industrial cities in Europe. In 1838, the first railway in Russia was opened here, and in 1906 an omnibus motor drove along the Nevsky, which was the first prototype of the bus.

In 1917 the rebellious Petrograd became the cradle of the February and October revolutions. And the very next year, in connection with the departure of the Soviet government, the capital was finally transferred to Moscow. In 1924, three days after the death of Lenin, Petrograd was renamed Leningrad. The years of World War II became the hardest in the history of the city. Leningrad experienced a blockade and for the courage, stamina and unprecedented heroism shown by its inhabitants in the fight against the enemy it was awarded the title of hero city.

In 1991, according to the results of a population survey, the historical name was returned to the city – Saint Petersburg.