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Some important facts about Saratov and its Women

Saratov is the biggest town and an administrative hotspot in Russia’s Saratov Region.

The city is located close to the famous Uvek site. The city with the population of 833,439 is the 15th Russian largest city by its population. It is quite close to Volgograd, around 350 km, and around 430 km from Samara.

Saratov women attend the local Drama Theater at their leisure time, many local ladies are fond of the Saratov Conservatory. Such places of cultural interest often turn into uncompromising dating arenas, especially during the summer time when the weather and the desires are hot and reverberating.

Saratov woman before a dateSaratov girls adore haute cuisine and frequent the LOOK restobar, which is a well-known attraction and place of interest for many Saratov ladies.

Cherry mountain sky resort attracts many young Saratov women who are looking for some downhill thrills and action. The venue also offers superb bowling and fantastic banya.

The Volga part of the modern Zavodsky district of Saratov is called Uvek. At this place was the third largest city of the Golden Horde - with palaces, a mint, a water supply network. According to one historical version, Uvek was destroyed by Timur in the war with Toktamysh in 1394, according to another, the main part of the city came down to the Volga during coastal landslides. It is hoped that the river stores historical treasures - at the bottom under a layer of silt and sand.


Dating in Saratov – favorite places where local women go for a stroll

The favorite place for local residents to walk is the city embankment with an intricate orange lighting (like in the famous song "So many golden lights on the streets of Saratov"). Also from the Cosmonauts embankment you can see the once longest road bridge in Europe conveniently connecting Saratov and Engels. In 2013, the bridge was completely repaired. The main pedestrian zone of Saratov is the Volzhskaya Street and the Kirov Avenue. Here the main attractions are located - ancient merchant mansions, the building of the Conservatory, a monument to the Saratov harmonica and the unusual church weirdly named Quench My Sorrows. In the 19th century, the Kirov Avenue was even called the "Saratov Nevsky," and when it was made pedestrian, it became the local Arbat. And the streets that go down to the river are called platoons. Officially, there are three of them: Knyazevsky, Babushkin and Trinity. Local ladies like going for a walk there to meet local and foreign men, the dating activity is robust. Saratov women enjoy all types of outdoors activities.


The Strelka Design Bureau worked on the improvement of the pedestrian zone and several other streets. Then in Saratov there were many lectures on urbanism, the tradition of urban excursions was revived, and residents enthusiastically embraced the idea of ​ ​the appearance of a comfortable urban environment. But most projects remained unrealized, leaving an unpleasant feeling that everyone was deceived.


History of Saratov – something to know before you date Saratov girls

It is worthwile learning something about the local history before you embark on dating the local ladies. The fortress of Saratov was laid in the summer of 1591 by Prince Grigory Zasekin and Streletsky Head Fedor Turov. The first was an experienced "city owner": in 1586 he built Samara, in 1587 - Tsaritsyn (Volgograd). In the first half of the XVII century Saratov was a rather large fortress on the Volga, from 300 to 500 archers. There was a city on a cape formed by the rivers Saratov and Volozhka (next to today's city of Engels). Quite unbelievable info for modern daters, but Saratov women adore the history of their city. In the spring of 1674, in accordance with the decree of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich: "Saratov City, a New One on the Mountains," the fortress was moved to the right bank. Colonel Alexander Shel chose a spot in the south of Sokolovaya Gora, where the "fish town" of the Moscow Novospassky Monastery stood. You may ask why you need all this if you are only interested in meeting the ladies of Saratov. It has to be said that any knowledge may come in handy when you begin dating the local girls.

Saratov developed. The posad population, engaged in fishing, bread and salt trading, grew increasingly important. In July 1721, on the way to Persia, Peter I visited Saratov. Academician #1, Lepyokhin, who visited the city in 1768, called it one of the best in the province - with straight streets and appealingly neat trading rows.Saratov girl under the X-mas tree

The manufacturing, fish, salt and bread trade were expanding. "Brick sheds," "hemp barns," pottery factories appear. The names of the streets testified to the occupations of residents: Kuznechnaya, Tulupnaya, Kirpichnaya. The streets of Sacco and Vanzetti and Pushkin were called in the past Bolshoi and Malaya Kostrizhny (from the "Kostrik" - waste flax and hemp). The factory of the Frenchman Verdier produced atlas, stockings, tafta - thin silk fabric. On August 3, 1772, the main forces of the army of Emelyan Pugachev approached Saratov. Alexander Pushkin in the "History of Pugachev" noted: "At this time, Pugachev occupied Sokolovaya Gora, which dominates Saratov, put up a battery and began to shoot around the city." Thanks to the manifesto of Catherine the Second of 1763, for a long time Saratov was the "center of attraction" of the Volga Germans. In the first years of the 19th century a suburban settlement arose - a German one. According to the plan of 1812, German colonists were given a place in the first quarter from Nikolskaya Street (Radishchev). Needless to say, not all Saratov women were enchanted by the developments. Even back then Saratov women enjoyed meeting foreign men. Soon, German Street appeared (now Kirov Avenue). At the beginning of the 20th century, there were about 900 thousand Volga Germans. During World War II, many of them were relocated to Siberia or Kazakhstan (some subsequently returned). Since 1986 of the 20th century the majority of them emigrated to Germany. In 1781, the coat of arms of Saratov was established: on the blue field of the heraldic shield they met, swimming towards each other, three silver-colored sterlets. Here, the fish and water riches of the region were figuratively reflected.


Salaries of Saratov men and women

In Saratov, a low salary is considered to be the salary of up to 14 thousand rubles, the average - 21-34 thousand. The salary of the waiter is kept at the level of 16-31 thousand, of the teacher - 21-31 thousand. As in many other cities, the most profitable areas here - oil and gas processing, where representatives of technical professions and IT specialists earn rather good cash. Starting income can be only 21-24 thousand rubles, but after a couple of years the employee begins receiving 52-62 thousand. Usually at this stage, many leave to work in Moscow or abroad. Despite this, many Saratov women seek for a serious relationship with Western men. It all begins with casual dating online, then sometimes it ends with a life-long marriage.

Saratov is a student city. They come here to study from all over Russia, near and far abroad - from Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Bulgaria, Italy, Colombia, France, Germany. It is believed that there is a high level of education, especially in some specialties. For example, Saratov and St. Petersburg philological schools are very similar due to the evacuation of Leningrad University to Saratov during the war. Saratov State National Research University named after N. G. Chernyshevsky is a classical university that will soon celebrate its 110th anniversary. Specialists are trained there in more than 19 areas. The diploma of the local Polytechnic is also appreciated. Saratov also has a military and a medical university, a conservatory and a unique management institute.


Where women buy food in Saratov?

Ladies of Saratov mainly shop in the markets. There are several large ones in the city: Provincial, Slavic, Privoz, Sennoy, Indoor. The last two became important place names on the city map. "Senny District," "Indoor District" - all recognizable locations. The oldest market in Saratov is actually Indoor. In the beginning of the 20th century the architectural plan for its construction was a real know-how. Trade there always went well, and an urban legend is associated with this. Sellers claim that luck brings them a treasure, which was walled up in the foundation in 1913. Local historians confirm this fact: in order for the construction to go well, during the solemn laying of stone, jewelry was collected from the first persons of the city and hidden afterwards in a special niche. Saratov women adore receiving presents when they date foreign men.


There are supermarkets and hypermarkets in the city, too. These are "Magnet," "Pyaterochka," "Family," "Bunch," "Okay," "Ashan," "Crossroads," "Ribbon," "Metro." Moreover, the assortment of stores does not even depend on the chain, but on the manager of a particular store, so you can hear different opinions about the same supermarkets from the townspeople. Although now in large supermarkets you can find almost any product, even the rarest and most exotic one, but things are worse in the walking distance shops. Some always have oat milk, while others sell only one kind of bread. A weekly basket of products per person will cost about five thousand rubles. A dozen eggs cost about 52 rubles, a package of milk - in the region of 45 rubles, bread - 30 rubles, whole chicken - about 245 rubles.Serious-looking Saratov lady

Some interesting facts about Saratov and its women

  • 1) Saratov is one of the twenty largest cities in Russia, not being a million-plus city.
  • 2) The city is stretched along the Volga for 33 km, located in a basin surrounded on three sides by low (up to 250 m) mountains.
  • 3) The city of Saratov was laid by the Russian governors three times: in 1593, 1619 and 1672, and each time in a new place.
  • 4) In 1670, Stepan Razin subjected the city to three-day robbery. Many Saratov ladies were taken away from the city by the villain. There was no understanding of proper dating back then.
  • Emelyan Pugachev had his last tangible success in this city. Saratov women were taken aback by the developments. On August 6, 1774, his army surrounded, and after the battle on August 12 took the city. However, this success was short-lived, and on August 11 Saratov came under the control of government troops.
  • 5) In 1781, Saratov received the status of a provincial center. But even after that it remained a middle of nowhere province. Evidence of this is the poem "Woe from the Mind," written by Griboedov in 1824, where there is the following line: "In the wilderness, in Saratov...."
  • 6) The world's first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin studied at the Saratov Industrial College from 1950 to 1954.
  • 7) Nikolai Nikolaevich Semenov is a native of Saratov - the only laureate of the world famous Nobel Prize in chemistry awarded to a Russian citizen.