Self-abandonment – one of the biggest Russian dating problems

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Many Western men who were caught unawares after dating a wrong Russian woman seek psychological assistance to cure the wounds this relationship caused.

Russian bride ready for speed dating in MoscowSuch cases are rare, and usually Western men are happily married to their Russian women, whom they met either online on an international dating site like or through a Russian speed dating program, but we don’t want to turn a blind eye to the problem and claim it doesn’t exist at all.

Many experienced psychologists have come to the unequivocal conclusion that there exists one major cause at the root of quite a few relationship issues. This deeply troublesome problem is self-abandonment. Of course, it is not present only in cases when there is a break-up with a Russian woman, it exists regardless of nationalities.

There is good news regarding this problem of self-abandonment – it enables us to understand in a much better way why we experience certain issues in our relationship with a Slavic woman.

The bad news, however, is that diagnosing the problem is relatively easy, but the healing doesn’t occur at the very moment the problem of self-abandonment is properly identified. It takes a significant amount of time to change the person’s pattern of thinking and the general outlook at life. Fixing this problem will entail a lot of energy and a formidable personal integrity. The person who got affected by it will need to admit this problem exists and to follow the learned advise of the treating psychologist.

Self-abandonment usually takes place when we abandon our personal values, wishes, needs and commitments in favor of accomplishing a certain goal or fulfilling a certain need that we accidentally elevate in its importance, taking it to a wholly new level where it really doesn’t fully belong.

Let’s take a closer look at the spheres of our lives in which self-abandonment may occur as the result of an unfulfilling relationship. Self-abandonment can be spiritual, organizational, physical and even organizational. In some instances several self-abandonment causes may play a role in your relationship deterioration.

Emotional self-abandonment is found in a variety of forms and shapes. There is an emotional self-abandonment when we fully ignore our own feelings of heartbreak, loneliness and so forth. In this case we tend to judge ourselves rather severely and accuse ourselves of something that is not really out there at all. There is an emotional self-abandonment that leads to our shifting the blame onto other people around us. It inevitably forces people to various abuses and addictions to numb their heart-rending guilt, abysmal depression or excruciating anxiety. Many resort to alcohol, gambling, prostitutes and so forth. Rehabilitation usually stretches for many months.Moldovan bride dreaming about a happy life in marriage

Financial self-abandonment is also quite an acute problem. It is widely spread among women, but some men fall victim to it as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Moldovan women online or are a keen admire of the Russian speed dating, or are a stern believer in dating exclusively Western women, this problem can strike you all of a sudden, no matter what your proclivities and interests are. If your partner kindly agrees to bear the financial responsibility for you then this financial self-abandonment of yours is not a big deal at all
. However, you have a problem if she is caught unawares regarding this. Much conflict in your relationship with a woman can be avoided if you stick to a sound financial planning.

Other types of self-abandonment

Organizational self-abandonment involves an inability to carefully schedule you time and to organize your space, to the point that you are always late to your date and don’t remember the most important, daily tasks. Again, if your partner can forgive you for such lapses and is in general very tolerant to such drawbacks, your relationship may go on just fine.

Physical self-abandonment is a person’s inability or lack of desire to discipline himself physically. It concerns maintaining the personal hygiene, keeping fit and eating healthy food in relative moderation.