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Speed dating came to Russia and to Ukraine relatively recently. Like everything new and progressive in the West, it came to these countries with a significant lag time, but it didn’t hinder speed dating from gaining an ever increasing popularity both in Russia and in Ukraine.

Ukrainian bride waiting for a speed dating session in KyevThis type of new dating activity is especially beneficial to those who have a very busy life style and spend most of their time at work, at a university and so forth. Quite many men are way too busy trying to secure their financial future and, as a result, they end up totally neglecting their personal life. To the point that they don’t even have enough time to go to the places where they can meet decent and attractive women. That’s when speed dating comes in handy.

If you are working in Moscow or in Kiev, if you are visiting these cities as a tourist and have no time for frequenting bars and theaters to find a gorgeous local bride, it’s time for you to give speed dating a tentative go. It is ideal for those Western expats who are over 35 years old and consider dating a younger (a hint: or even much younger) Russian or Ukrainian woman.

By the time most men turn 35 they don’t use bars or dancing clubs to look for women. They see that they don’t belong to the youth culture anymore, they are more seasoned and more mature. And most of the Russian and Ukrainian girls who frequent such seedy places are too easy-going for any serious relationship, or they are leftovers from the table of their previous suitors, full of bitterness towards life and eager to jilt everyone who so much as glances at them.

When the realization of this simple fact dawns on an expat in Moscow or in Kiev, he turns his attention to personal ads and to blind dates. Such services allow you to maintain your complete anonymity while being able to pick and choose at will, to search for the ideal Russian or Ukrainian woman who will fully match your interests and will share your personal values, dreams and aspirations.

There are also certain drawbacks in keeping anonymous, because it works both ways. This gorgeous Russian doctor or that stunning Ukrainian high school teacher can turn out to be a Sponge Bob personality. She may have lied about her age or may have doctored her profile pics with Photoshop. False advertisement is very often criticized by most frequent users of international dating sites. We, the managers of Russian4Bride.com, duly acknowledge this possible inconvenience and, by all means, recommend to have at least one video session in Skype with the lady whom you really liked and who agreed to meet you in person for a date. But speed dating is surely a fantastic alternative to online dating, and, we admit to this also – it has many unsurpassed advantages over the traditional online dating.

The biggest issue of online dating and personals is they don’t fully meet one very poignant requirement needed for two grown-up people to bind themselves to each other. We are talking about the physical chemistry and the outward, appearance-based attraction.

In the case of online dating or personals, unlike in the case of speed dating, you meet the person only later on, and sometimes even a video session in Skype may not fully tell you if there is enough chemistry or not running between you two. You may spend a lot of time on an international dating site with a lady from Kiev or from Moscow, you may even have a lot of topics to discuss and common hobbies and interests. But in some cases something just won’t click between you two when you finally meet in person. The end result – of lot of your valuable time wasted in vain.

Expats living in Russia and in Ukraine are beginning to see that the physical attraction is more than just a picture or a brief online profile description, that it also involved some half-mysterious channels of communication that open up during the first date.

Physical chemistry and outward appearance are of paramount importance during the initial dating period. We tend to neglect the importance of this crucial factor or to deny it altogether, out of fear of sounding too selfish or even cantankerous, but a person’s appearance still remains #1 parameter in our dating preferences. Speed dating facilitates and broadens our choice immensely in this respect.

With the sorcerous assistance of speed dating you will have a chance to meet single Russian and Ukrainian women who are in line with your strictest dating criteria. It goes without saying that you, in return, will also need to be rather specific and utterly honest about your own personal information such as your age, ethnicity, level of educatioRussian speed dating star in Moscown. Also, you will need to provide to the event organizers a brief description of the ideal lady that you have on your mind.

After you complete a relatively short questionnaire, you will be invited to a session with 15-20 ladies who fully match the requirements you have indicated. Isn’t it thrilling?

There are certain rules that speed dating events organizers will let you know in advance. These rules mainly deal with the general courtesy issues, there is nothing extraordinary in them. For instance, you will be advised to avoid very personal questions such as how many partners a lady has had so far. You will also be instructed about the dress code – usually the speed dating participants are encouraged to dress formally to give the event a solemn atmosphere.

After the event begins to unfold, you will have approximately 10 minutes to have a chit-chat with each Russian or Ukrainian lady. There is no specifi
c topic of conversation, it is totally up to you what you discuss with her, while, as we have already mentioned, not overstepping the boundaries of well-groomed behavior.

By the end of the event you will be asked to fill out a special form for reporting which ladies you have liked the most. Usually the ladies and the gentlemen wear number tags or name labels, depending on the procedure that is currently in place at the particular speed dating organization. If the ladies you indicate are also interested in you, you will get a chance to obtain their personal information, usually it is a telephone number. An exciting prize after a long and hard battle for the lady’s heart and mind, isn’t it? Usually there is also an informal part after the end of the main event, which often includes dancing, drinking and socializing. Don’t go over the bender with alcohol though, you need to assume your ultimate form and be able to control your moves and emotions.

Whether it is a Russian speed dating event or a Ukrainian one, the objective is always to ensure the complete satisfaction of each and every participant. One thing is for certain – everyone is here to meet someone special, no one will leave bored or unattended to.

Since most of the speed dating event participants understand the rules of this game, it is allowed to ask inoffensive personal questions such as:

  • What is your occupation?
  • Have you ever been married?
  • What is your favorite color?
  • Do you drive a car?
  • What is your attitude to sex?
  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • What is your worldview?

The exciting part of this social experiment that is slowly becoming a routine event both in Moscow and in Kiev is that you can pick and choose, there will be a lot of options of all ages and sizes available to you, literally. On a side note it should be said that if you are looking for a casual encounter that may grow into something bigger, a Ukrainian speed dating event is preferable over a Russian one, Moscow ladies are more reserved and it takes more efforts to break the ice.


Speed dating misconceptions

It happens quite often that people assume the members of such events as speed dating are some sort of ugly losers with deep personal issues and no self-confidence. The most surprising fact is that actually the opposite is true – the fans of speed dating are successful, often quite well-to-do individuals with above average incomes and attractive physique who simply lack the time required for habitual dating practices.

Moreover, these peoa Russian bride participating in a Moscow speed dating eventple are way more sociable than an average Joe out there – imagine how much courage and stamina it takes to face dozens of complete strangers of the opposite sex and to maintain a meaningful conversation with them trying to ignite the spark of affection in their hearts.

To make the long story short, if you are a Western expat living in Moscow or in Kiev, or if you are a tourist visiting these beautiful cities, give speed dating a meaningful try and enjoy the results. Of course, it may not work out from the very first try, but even if you don’t land a woman of your dreams there, you will have a lot of fun in the process.

Another added advantage is you will be able to improve your communication skills that are essential nowadays to be a successful individual.


Speed dating places
in Moscow and in Kiev

Moscow and Kiev are very big and robust cities, and you will have a lot of options as far as speed dating venues are concerned. We have carefully assessed the choice available out there in these two vibrant megalopolises and here is what we can recommend.

For Moscow:

  • Hello Party, they usually gather at Café Bali, Dmitrovka, 32, building 4, close to the metro station Chekhovskaya. Tel.: +7 (495) 5043139
  • Moscow Fast Dating Club, they gather at various dancing clubs and restaurants such as Scandinavia, Night Flight and Moo Moo. Tel.: +48 124291699
  • Dating agency Krasiviye Devushki (Beautiful Girls) – their events usually are organized in the bar Tomat. Tel.: 8 9266101095

For Kiev:

  • Tete-a-Tete Club – they usually gather at Coffee Houses located throughout the city. Tel.: (044) 3830947
  • Speed Dating Club – the events are held in bars and restaurants. Tel.: (093) 4617763
  • Dattini Club – Kaffa Coffee House and other venues. Tel.: (063) 446 7475

Enjoy it.