How to spend money wisely on your mail order bride

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After your dating reaches the stage when you meet personally, you will be expected by your Russian mail order bride to pay for the expenses when you are together.

Russian woman hugging a birch treeIt would be a generous move from you to reimburse your bride for visa and tickets expenses after she comes over to visit your country. Don’t ever send money to women whom you don’t know and whom you have never met IRL – there is always a chance that you can get scammed if you don’t exercise prudence and general common sense. Nowadays plane tickets tend to be on the cheap side, so it won’t cost you a fortune. Try to satisfy her reasonable requests regarding finances, but don’t go overboard with this, if she wants to travel in business class, tell her openly you object to this.

If you visit your Russian bride at her place, always bring small but meaningful presents to her and to the members of her sometimes not very small family. Usually they don’t expect anything pricy though. Flowers and perfume can be a great present for your dear lady, her parents will be happy as a clam with some memorable presents from your country, even with a book. A bottle of good wine is also a wonderful idea. However, don’t bring Champagne – in Slavic countries it is the drink strictly reserved for the New Year celebration. Some electronic toys or gadgets work the best for kids.

Also you can use the family subject to test the waters, especially if you deem them murky, and to make sure your lady really cares about you. In any former USSR country, be it Russia, Ukraine, Moldova or Belarus, there is a strong tradition to make the person you are in love with meet your parents. So, if she reacts negatively to the proposition, expect the worst and cut down your expenses. She may not be all that serious after all.

Slaves are famous for their hospitality and generosity, so when you are at the family table, you are guaranteed to havesunbathing Slavic beauty a lot of tasty dishes offered to you, and it will be wise to have a light stomach before the matrimonial visit. Don’t buy any food yourself – they are bound to treat you like a real king. Most likely you will be offered alcohol as well. If you don’t drink, mention that you have a medical condition that doesn’t allow you to drink, but don’t admit you don’t like alcohol – they will think you “have lost your marbles”.

Going shopping with your Russian bride

Whether you are visiting your woman in her country or she has come on a visit to you, be prepared for the subject of shopping to pop up sooner or later. There are some Slavic women who hate shopping and everything related to it, but they are in a tiny minority. Most Slavic, especially Russian and Ukrainian women, adore shopping to the point of loving it. And most will expect you to bear the brunt of the expenses. Shoes, dresses, skirts – be ready to become a seasoned expert in this field if you desire to produce a favorable impression on our bride. To their dignity, most Slavic women will not ruin you financially during a shopping spree, but you may spend hours and hours looking for something special she really wants. So, get to know at least something about fashion in advance, read up on famous brands like Givenchy, Dolce Cabana and so forth.

There well may be certain situations when you will feel like you don’t want to buy a certain item for your bride because of the plain reason – it is way too expensive for your wallet. Yes, Russian dating often times doesn't come very cheap. Don’t say it openly, because the Russian word for expensive, “dorogo”, is way more finite and really means that you cannot afford it because you are downright poor. Try to convince your lady that what she is craving for in fact isn’t really worth it and she will not look attractive wearing the item. Usually this trick is graciously accepted as a veritable statement.

Overall, be a gentleman, and your mail order bride will eventually melt and reciprocate the attitude.