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Oysters are known to contain zinc and iodine, the substances that boost the level of testosterone.

Russian lady with a huge smile on her faceThey also contain amino-acid mixtures that act similar to a trigger in boosting libido. When you find a bride in Russia or in Ukraine, you will undoubtedly need some reinforcement in this area, Slavic women make wonderful and indefatigable wives. But there is a catch as far as oysters are concerned – in order to gain any substantial benefits, you will need to devour at least fifty oysters. Imagine yourself sitting in a restaurant in front of your Russian or Ukrainian bride and devouring all this seafood. It will hardly be a pretty sight.

Zinc is also found in pumpkin seeds. Men are believed to be attracted to the scent of lavender and pumpkin pie, by the way. So, the seeds can be eaten and then a pie can be baked using the pumpkin, nothing will be wasted. Actually, when it comes to the private life cuisine, avocadoes, arugula, walnuts and almonds should be the food of your choice. You may invite your Slavic bride to cook a dinner together, later on you can enjoy the food and the growing bond between you two. Kitchen is the birthplace of a proper foreplay.

As long as it is dark, of course. The results of numerous studies indicate that dark chocolate boosts the level of dopamine responsible for arousing good feelings in us, bioflavonoids of this particular substance open up our narrowed blood vessels thus improving the flow of blood. If you eat strawberries and dip them into this chocolate, the sugar present in this sweet fruit will ensure your soft boost of vibrant energy. Peanut butter and dark chocolate are also a magic combination that deserves close attention. Peanut butter, for instance, contains monosaturated fats that play a favorable role in stimulating female arousal.

Daily consumption of a glass of red wine can diminish anxiety and assist in relaxing on a date, women are known to become aroused under the influence of aenigmatic Russian girln alcoholic drink. Research has revealed that polyphenols copiously present in the red wine widen our blood vessels thus allowing for a better blood flow to the most crucial areas of arousal. However, care should be taken to avoid consuming too much alcohol, because it can also act as a depressant reducing our desire and hampering the performance.

Grapes don’t produce any noticeable positive effect. Pomegranate seeds, on the contrary, supply powerful antioxidants. Banana eaters will be happy to know that this fruit gives us substantial portions of vitamin B and potassium, and these substances control the amounts of our desire hormones.

Garlic is rich in allicin that boosts the blood circulation required for a proper erection. In fact, it is a natural remedy that can cure impotence. However, bad breath is a certain side effect that is highly unwelcome at a romantic dinner, and it needs to be taken into account. Saffron is known to alleviate tension and to decrease pain, picocrocin found in saffron can make your skin more sensitive. It is a bit on the expensive side, but it is worth every penny.


Garlic, red color and sweating

Red color boosts our mutual attraction, many scientists have come to the conclusion that it is a subconscious symbol indicating the readiness for copulation, in particular among the chimps. In short, it is the nature’s symbol of fertility. Evidently, women see the men wearing red cloths as potent and influential individuals. If you both wear red to a romantic date, upon a clever joint coordination, it is bound to make this evening more memorable. No woman among the Russian wives will be bored.

Your cortisol levels will jump quite a notch after you sniff your sweating partner, thus providing a strong earning, but taking shower is still highly recommended. Systematic work out contributes to a richer and more fulfilling private life. Catching enough sleep is probably the best aphrodisiac ever.