Meeting Ukrainian women in Kiev

Meeting Ukrainian women in Kiev

There is a lot to be said about dating Ukrainian women in Kiev. First and foremost, if you travel to Ukraine from a rather far place, make sure you get several dates in Kiev, not just one, from various international dating sites. You can easily find the ladies to meet when there on our international dating site. Why is it important to have several dates available? This question is really simple to answer – some ladies may change their mind about meeting you, others may turn out to be scammers. And after meeting some of the girls you will be able to screen out all the bad ones who are not suitable for you. Don’t be shy in this respect, after all, you are looking for a partner for your whole lifetime!

Ukrainian bride on an escalator in KievWhen in Kiev, if your budget is limited, try to stay away from the Khrestchatnik Boulevard and the venues that it offers. Otherwise you may easily spend 100 dollars for a modest dinner for two there. The best strategy to follow would be to learn about the best places in advance. If it happened that you have sifted through the available dates and no one suits you, you can do some hunting yourself during the daytime. There are plenty of relaxing ladies available at the following places: Arena City Shopping Mall (wonderful coffee, moderate prices), Puzata hata (nice and cheap place serving wonderful Ukrainian food), Golden Dukam (kind of an upscale place, top-notch quality coffee).

A beautiful Ukrainian brideThe evening has come and it is time for a date out. What is important, try to stay away of the most seedy places. In order to know which place can be wrong, ask your local friends about that, get as much information as possible from Internet. Remember that your safety goes first. Irrespective of whether you are with a lady or all by yourself at the moment, we can recommend to you some nice places.

Places where you can meet your Ukrainian bride

  • Palata #6 – it is a great lounge/restaurant/underground bar with cheap prices and a wide variety of food on the menu. It is located in a back alley, rather close to the city center. What is important, it is full of nicely dressed Ukrainian women. Cooks are dressed like doctors, waitresses are dressed like nurses, so it is quite a scene to behold;
  • Karaoke Restaurant Draft – yet another cool place to hang out, it also has a hookah bar;
  • Avalon – a place for those who enjoy go-go dancers;
  • Shooters – a place frequented by other expats. Plenty of dangerously stunning Ukrainian women inside, proceed with caution and discretion.

Quite a lot of debate is going on which Ukrainian women are the best – the ones from Kiev, the capital, or the ones from the suburbs and smaller cities. There is a certain advantage of dating girls in Ukraine over dating in Russia – on the whole, the weather is much warmer in Ukraine. Well, once in Kiev, you will be able to make up your own mind regarding this and the woman you want near you. The night life there is vibrant, the city never sleeps. You will have a chance to meet all sorts of women there, from all over Ukraine. Call the right shots and return back home with a wonderful fiancée.