What causes infidelity among Russian women?

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One of the biggest reasons behind cheating on a soul mate is the inability to maintain a sound emotional bond that should tie both individuals in a relationship like an umbilical cord.

Moscow woman going to a speed dating partyThe therapist Clouseau-Kerkinsson has found out that the real problem begins when the individuals forming a couple are unable to address the needs of each other, stop discussing their issues and are distracted by their daily routines related to their business or to their work.

“They stop paying attention to each other. Love evaporates from such a bumpy relationship with an amazing speed. Instead of talking to each other, they seek the attention and trust of their friends and even of complete strangers. It is a very fertile ground for fostering infidelity,” says our expert. “Slavic women, Moscow women, are growing more emancipated, on par with the Western women, but they are still more honest in their attitude to their soul mates, they still adhere to the core family values,” she adds with emphasis.

The best recipe against infidelity that you can arm yourself with is ensuring your relationship turns into your top-notch existential priority, you should value your partner and remain connected to her at all times. Compatibility between partners goes a long way in this struggle for a fair and balanced relationship. If you enjoy about the same things in life as your partner, if your dreams and aspirations are on the same page of the same book, you will have a far greater chance for a successful marriage or a relationship than a couple with a lot of differences in how they approach life in general and their routine daily chores in particular. The couple lacking a relatively high level of mutual compatibility also may enjoy a meaningful, fulfilling marriage, but they will need to do a much greater amount of homework on the path leading to their matrimonial success.

The general statistics give us a preview of who is more likely to become an unfaithful cheater: those who are after more excitement and are adrenalin-driven personalities, those who have a divorce history, those who may have suffered from sexual abuse in their past and those with entangled psychological issues such as bipolar disorder or depression.Russian lady

In his new book, “The truth about infidelity”, John Kreskocivich indicates that, unlike the existing preconceived notions, sexual appeal and stunning looks don’t play a major role in “cheating accidents”. Most of the surveyed individuals stated that the people they cheated with on their wives and husbands weren’t better looking or more fit than their spouses.


How to detect infidelity and to react to it

There are a few tell-tale signs that can mean fidelity issues within a dating or a married couple: more time is spent away from home by one of the partners, sex is less frequent than before, phone calls are not answered rather often. A cheating partner is prone to criticizing his soul mate more than it is done usually.

First of all, how to draw a line between innocuous flirting and outright infidelity? It is rather easy – imagine your soul mate, bride or wife can actually see and hear what you are doing at the moment. Would he/she like this action of yours? Or would your partner feel disturbed and upset about it? If the answer to the second question happens to be yes, you are engaged in something that can surely be qualified as betrayal.

If one of the Russian ladies you have decided to get close with is cheating on you, you have to realize that it is her doing this, that you should not blame yourself for what is going on. When betrayal is found out about, the first task of the victim is to maintain his/her dignity. After all, cheaters have no valid excuses.

Besides the emotional disharmony, another valid reason behind infidelity is the opportunity that may present itself. However, individuals with a strong character who really love and cherish their partners rarely become tempted by external circumstances. They always remain faithful, first to themselves and then, as a result, to their own partners.