Why you simply must upload your photo(s) when dating online

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Probably you haven’t uploaded any of your formidable pictures yet, but you have already made a profile on an online dating site like ours, as a part of your endeavor to stop courting your TV-set and to begin dating real women.

Russian bride refusing to chat with men without uploaded picsIn this case, this compelling piece of professional dating and mating journalism is right for you.

Why are you putting this off? Are you worried that after you post your picture no woman will care about it and no one will write to you? Or maybe you have strong fears that a colleague from work may recognize you and you may become a pitiful laughing stock in the office? Maybe you have concerns about possible cyber-trolls stalking you? Or maybe you simply feel uncertain as to what pictures from among the ones that you have are the best?

Whatever these nefarious reasons might be, subdue your defeatist attitudes and just do it – upload your first picture, make this humble but heroic effort. One can compare pictures on a dating profile to stationary. It should be memorable and enticing. It is an invitation card that you are sending to the outside word, welcoming it to visit your profile page and to have a feast of unforgettable communication with you there. If it looks like a spam message, no one will bother opening it and finding about how special and entertaining you really are.

Dating can be a scary and even nerve-wracking business. When you finally make this leap into the unknown and post your first picture, I guarantee you that you will feel relief and self-satisfaction. But don’t expect some futile dating tips or marriage advice before you do it, it will all be useless if your profile doesn’t even contain a single picture of your bright and handsome self.  So, let’s review briefly what is really holding people back from uploading their personal photos on an online dating site.


False reason #1: Most likely everyone will find my pics unattractive and I will not find any dates

This is certainly going to transpire if you don’t post any pics. Who is going to date a suitor without even seeing how he looks like? Also, many women will come to the inevitable conclusion that, besides this possible reason, you may also be hiding something. Most women will not even open your profile if there is no single photo to it to go by. Thousands of women may take a look at your photo the very first day, and some may find you attractive even if most don’t. Online dating is, above all, a game of numbers and statistics, at least at the initial, pre-dating stage.


False reason #2: An acquaintance of mine may recognize and ridicule meUkrainian woman on www.russian4bride.com waiting for a Western man to upload his photos

Even if someone you know recognizes you on a dating site, most likely he is also a member or is at least very interested in giving it a try. It means you both are basically in the same boat. In all likelihood, he will not tell anyone about this discovery, because it will raise many questions, and one of them will be – what was he doing on this site himself? The second possible scenario is that you may find in him a “partner in crime” and you will be able to work as a team – if you like the concept of team work under these circumstances, of course. You can chat with women online and then share with each other your impressions and opinions.


False reason #3: Cyber-stalkers may haunt me

This is a perfectly legal fear in our age, but only on the surface of it. Just think about it – no one will be able to find you just because you posted a picture of yours. Just maintain a healthy online communication hygiene, such as not giving your personal info to the women you have just met online, and you will be perfectly safe. It is similar to walking in the street among many other individuals – you will not be abused very often just for walking and minding your own business.