Wise behavior when dating Russians or Ukrainians online

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The first moments when you interact with a new person online can be rather tense. How not to scare away this nice-looking, delicious Russian bride?

awesome Russian brideHow to show her you are just a regular guy with a strong matrimonial determination? There is an opinion that if two people are made for each other they will remain together no matter what. In the long run, this is true for quite many couples, but there are no viable statistics as to how many couples didn’t stay together because of an off-putting beginning of their relationship.

How to find a Russian soulmate who will be right for you? It is a rather hard task, the odds are always tight. Let’s consider what initial steps need to be made in order to steer clear of the typical blunders that many men make while searching for a partner online.

The instant connection offered by Internet is very convenient for surfing through the profiles of many Russian brides on a niche international dating site like Russian4Bride.com here. You are only a few clicks away from sharing your most intimate thoughts with quite a handful of young and beautiful ladies. It seems so easy and innocent. But don’t be in a hurry, there are many dangers ahead.

The first very important point that you need to bear in mind is that your perfect mingling with a Russian bride online does not necessarily mean you will remain the same perfect match when you meet in person. The fabulous chemistry that was overflowing online may simply evaporate when you get face to face with each other.

Avoid going to your first date with any particular Russian woman nursing certain expectations, because if you get carried away by your wild assumptions you may face a bitter disappointment when you see her and begin talking to her. Moreover, the chances for such a disappointment will increase dramatically if you go on a date with a pre-set basket of expectations. This lady will feel like she owes you something, because you are bound to betray your own thoughts.

Sometimes it happens that two people happily correspond with each other, very often for several days or even wattractive Russian woman looking for a seasoned Western groomeeks in a row, then the woman suddenly disrupts the ongoing, seemingly well-established online communication. It happens more often than not, and in this case you should not panic and you should not begin blaming yourself or this woman. Don’t overanalyze the situation, just move on with the other candidates for now. Trying to figure out why she opted for stopping the communication may eventually drive you entirely nuts, and our life is way too short to spend it in such an uncouth manner. Also, she may resume the communication later on and may have a reasonable explanation regarding her prolonged silence.

Extensive, weeks-long online conversations are actually not a great idea to begin with. Of course there is nothing wrong with chatting online with a Russian lady you have a sympathy for, but think about how much time you will end up viewing as wasted if you don’t like each other when talking in Skype and meeting personally later on. Practice a more meat-and-potatoes approach by streamlining your online presence, by probing the ground for a tete-a-tete encounter. One of the online dating tricks is giving the lady you like your phone number, do it to a few of them, and those who actually call you should win your attention. Needless to say, avoid scammers and don’t send any money to the lady with whom you haven’t met yet.


What to focus on when chatting to Russian ladies online

When talking to Russian girls online on a dating site, focus on having pleasure while interacting with them, don’t seek immediate gratification in the form of a personal meeting. In other words, hold back your horses a bit and enjoy an easy going conversation. Thus you will be able to melt some ice, and it is important to do so when communicating with Russian women. Ask her about her favorite hobbies, the sports she may be going into and so forth. You will score a lot of points by being casual and sincere at the same time.