Your dating age on a dating site and in reality

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Age is an important factor in dating. There is a lot of truth to the statement claiming that your age depends on how you feel.

cute but responsible Russian woman on www.russian4bride.comVery often we strive to date a Russian female who is young and vibrant, who is physically attractive, and we are repulsed by the idea of dating obese and old women. Of course, we also want our dates to be caring and family-oriented individuals. However, at first we pay our close attention to how the woman looks, and younger women usually look better.

The term “real dating age” is often thrown around in various talk-shows and interviews. And it is the concept that should be carefully taken into account: do your appearance and your health conditions allow you to claim that you are a man who is much younger than his biological age? Have you managed to throw gauntlet to the all-grinding time or you have fallen a pitiful victim to it? In other words, what is your real and true dating age? When you embark on a dating adventure on a Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian or Moldovan dating site, it is a crucial question to ask yourself.

How to deal with your dating age

Let’s assume that you are taking a really good care of your body. You have enviable eating habits, you exercise on a daily basis and you can afford plenty of resting time. You can still fit into the jeans you were wearing in high school. However, it still does not give you the right to have a couple decades off your real age when you are out there, say, dating Ukrainians. Being dishonest in a relationship is never a brilliant idea, and lying about your age by a large margin is simply not practical. The woman you go out on a date with will still be able to see the difference between a 55 y.o. man and a 35 y.o. man, even if you are 55 and still in the formidable form.

Anyway, no one here says that you should not date a teenager if you are 55 or 60 years old, don’t take us wrong here. Of course you can and, what is more, you can be successful in it! Just don’t hide your age from the start unless you want to do a lot of explaining and apologizing later.gorgeous Ukrainian girl

Dressing is another part of this equation. Always dress your age or a bit younger, but don’t overdo it. And don’t fall victim to some much older fashion styles to appear seasoned if you are quite young. Know what clothes fit your body to the uttermost, hiding your possible deficiencies and beneficially emphasizing your advantages. Your hair style should emphasize your personality instead of competing with it.

Dating Slavic women can be a lot of fun, and it should be fun. It should be a romantic adventure that makes you feel younger and more vibrant. If you follow the pieces of advice above regarding the dating age, you will avoid all sorts of possible embarrassment and will be able to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Your real dating age can serve as an advantage, and you better use it as such. If you are very young, you can charm women with your outgoing personality, passion and a touch of lack of experience bordering on juvenile innocence. If you are a mature person in your thirties, you can attract women with your knowledge about the ways of life mixed with the occasional outbursts of purely teenager enthusiasm and optimism. If you are a seasoned dater in your fifties or sixties or even seventies, you can offer to the right lady of your choice a solid background and a life-proven, tempered character full of earthbound wisdom. When it comes to marriage and life together, it will be all in your hands if you are ready to make the required commitment. Your dating age will still be important, but it will be not the first on the list of matrimonial priorities.

Slavic women in general are not fussy about the age of their dating partners. On the contrary, they prefer older and more mature men to the younger suitors, hoping for a stable, predictable relationship full of genuine love and mutual respect.