Privacy Policy

1. Measures to protect your personal information

We adopt all the required measures to prevent any possibility of an unauthorized access to our premises and to our secure containers where we store paper-based confidential information of our site members. We protect our software and hardware from unauthorized entry and from disclosure and/or modification of the private details of our members securely stored on our dedicated servers in Germany. We deploy all the pertaining equipment to safeguard the on-site communication of our members, including the mailing system and the chat function. Access to all of your private information is limited to the approved and authorized employees of R4B who under no circumstances will disclose your private information to any third party, unless for the purposes of the web-site promotion and facilitation of your communication with other web-site members. We do everything possible to bring to the absolute minimum the eventual risks related to your online communication on R4B.

2. Automatic collection of information

When users (our members and visitors alike) visit R4B, this information is automatically recorded on our servers in order for us to be able to collect the statistical information about the usage of this web-site, including, but not limited to the following:
a) the browser used;
b) the URL of reference;
c) the IP address of the visitor;
d) the web-site pages viewed by the visitor;
e) date and time of the visit to the web-site
All this information remains anonymous and serves only for the purpose of the web-site statistics processing. This data is not linked by us to any specific visitor and no actions are taken by us that can violate the privacy of such a visitor in any way, directly or indirectly.

3. Anonymity
R4B allows its members not to reveal their true identity on the web-site and to use a suitable alias/username, which should not violate any applicable legislation and/or cultural norms of behavior. However, you may choose to verify your profile with the application of the Verification function. In this case, the scan of your document confirming your identity will be permanently deleted by us from our files upon its review.

4. Our response time
Whenever you address our Support regarding a privacy violation issue, your request will be duly handled by our administrative employees within one (1) working day, usually within 2-3 hours upon the reception. Usually we don’t have to deal with many privacy violation issues, but whenever such issues arise, we take them very seriously and do our best to address them as soon as possible.

5. The information you provide to R4B
All the information that you provide us will be visible on your profile to other web-site members, except for your email and the profile verification documents. The latter will not be disclosed to any third party and will remain confidential. However, some non-identifying information you provide to R4B may be used by us in order to fine-tune our service and to make it even more user-friendly to our members.

6. Your correspondence on R4B
Your correspondence with other members of this site will be private and it will not be shared with any third party without your prior permission. It will never be used for the purposes of the site promotion or advertisement on other resources.