Terms of Use

  1. Acceptance of Terms of Use

Acceptance of these Terms of Use is required in order to use the services of this site provided by R4B. Irrespective of whether you register as a member, you will be deemed to have agreed with the present Terms of Use after you begin to use this site. You can become a member of this site only if you are 18 years old, i.e. of the legal age to use online dating services. You hereby represent and warrant that you have the full capacity, right and authority to accept the present Terms of Use and that you will use this dating resource solely for your private purposes, that you will not transfer or otherwise assign your profile to any third party. You agree that under no condition you will use this international online dating web-site to solicit money and/or personal favors from its members or to make business propositions of any kind.

  1. Registration and Subscription, email notifications, newsletters, marketing materials

This international dating web-site, including ALL OF ITS FUNCTIONS, such as but not limited to: profile registration, searching and viewing the profiles of other members, mailing and chat system, kisses and gifts, email notifications and favorites, will be provided to you by R4B ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE. Under no circumstances whatsoever you will be charged any amount for any services or functions of this web-site. This provision is effective as of January 2009 and to be reviewed on an annual basis. At its sole discretion, in order to ensure the further development of the resource and the introduction of new, up-to-date features, R4B may change this policy in the future and introduce a subscription-based system. However, until such a corporate decision is made, you are entitled to all web-site services and functions free of charge. We do accept donations, contact our Support if you would like to help us developing this web-site to meet the growing needs and demands of 21st century users. By registering your profile on Russian4Bride.com you give our Support Team your direct consent to receive our notifications, newsletters and marketing materials. You can always unsubscribe from the site notifications directly in your profile and/or by clicking the Unsubscribe link under every message/notification/newsletter sent to you by Russian4Bride.com.

  1. Advertisement

R4B adheres to the strict NO ADVERTISEMENT policy, because we believe that a premium international dating site, such as ours, should not distract its esteemed members with any advertisement material of any third party. Such advertisement may make their online dating experience less pleasant or even annoying, and we strive to avoid it at any cost. We mean what we say – no advertisement on this web-site.

  1. Profile termination by R4B

Your membership on this web-site may be terminated by us at any time if you purposefully breach the present Terms of Use and behave on this web-site when communicating with other members in a manner that is offensive, uncivilized or unacceptable. A user may report your profile if he/she believes you are violating the web-site rules. Such reports are carefully reviewed and may result in your membership termination.

  1. Language and Manners

When communicating with the ladies on this web-site you will do your best to behave in a civil and polite manner irrespective of the lady’s attitude. Please feel free to report to us any member who, in your opinion, violates the present Terms of Use. If a profile is terminated for the web-site abuse, it will not be possible to re-open such a profile in the future.

  1. Member username and password

In the course of the profile registration you will be prompted to select your username and password. Upon the registration your profile will be assigned the ID number for our system. R4B may refuse to accept your username if we believe it impersonates someone else, violates the norms of propriety or the intellectual property rights of any third party. You agree not to resell or to transfer your profile access information to any third party. If you have reasons to believe that the security of your profile has been breached, you must inform us about it immediately and we will take all the required measures to protect the privacy of your profile.

  1. Your use of russian4bride.com

You will bear the full responsibility for the information/data that you display or publish on the web-site or send to other site members or employees. You will not violate any international and/or local laws while using the web-site. You will not include in your profile any real last names, addresses, emails and telephone numbers, but you will be allowed to exchange any private information with other site members upon reaching a mutual consent regarding this matter. R4B reserves the right not to accept any profile or photo in violation of these requirements or deemed offensive, threatening, harassing, sexually and/or racially offensive or infringing another party’s rights. The photos you submit to the site administrator for approval will not contain nudity. As a member of our web-site, you will be receiving important notifications via email regarding who has viewed your profile, who has sent you a message or a gift. However, you can use the Settings feature to disable these administrative notifications which serve solely for the purpose of informing you regarding the web-site activities of other members directed at your profile. The information that you submit to us regarding yourself, including the verification documents, will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party. We strive to provide the best and pleasant experience to our members and to ensure the utmost privacy of their information. At our sole discretion we may assign the verification sign (“V”) to some of the profiles that, in our view, contain reliable and trustworthy information. You will be allowed to communicate only with the members of the opposite sex on this site – being a traditional family-oriented dating service we do not promote/condone or facilitate homosexual relations. If your profile remains idle for over 90 (ninety) days, it will automatically be terminated due to inactivity. The following is a partial list of activities that are not allowed on this site provided to you by R4B:

a)  Impersonating any other person or entity;

b) Stalking, trolling or otherwise harassing any member;

c)  Application of data-retrieval or spider programs with the aim of stealing/replicating the web-site content;

d) Copying, framing or mirroring any part of the web-site without our prior authorization, including the articles contained in the “Men’s Magazine” section;

e)  Posting, emailing and otherwise transmitting any data containing software viruses and/or malicious computer code with the purpose of interfering with the web-site operation;

f)   Modification, sublicensing, selling, translating, reverse-engineering, decompiling any part of the web-site and/or its software.

  1.  Assigned copyright

You hereby agree that all the copyright materials of the web-site provided to you for your personal use on the web-site fully belong to R4B and you are not authorized to copy and/or to reproduce any part of the web-site for any purposes.

  1. Legal access to russian4bride.com

You are responsible for ensuring that your access to this web-site is not prohibited by any of your local laws that may be applicable to you.

  1. Mail order bride provisions

This web-site does not provide, procure or promote mail order brides services, including match-making and marriage services. R4B is solely an online dating platform providing the services of international communication.

You acknowledge that you will not use the services of this web-site in violation of any international match-making or marriage laws or regulations that may apply to your jurisdiction.

  1. Membership termination by the web-site member

You may choose to terminate your membership on this web-site at any moment and for whatever reason. In order to permanently delete your profile from our database you can use the Settings profile termination button. If you purchase the Diamond status and, for whatever reason, terminate your profile thus annulling your current Diamond membership before it expires, you will not be eligible for any compensation on our part.

  1. Governing law

These Terms of Use are governed by the applicable laws of the United States Virgin Islands.